Here’s Some More Free Publicity, Ricky Nixon

Just days after we broke the story of former player agent and 17 year old girl abuser Ricky Nixon, (The Age ran with the story later that day), he’s at it again. This time naked and drunk in public coupled with altercations with members of the public and the police.

Story by Michael Lallo

Journalists trail Ricky Nixon as he leaves St Kilda Police Station today. Photo: Wayne Hawkins

Ricky Nixon cut a lonesome figure, flagging down a taxi after being released from St Kilda Police Station earlier tonight.

There was no one to collect the disgraced former AFL player manager — and no sign of his fiancee, 27-year-old Tegan Gould — when he left the station, red-faced and angry.

Nixon was arrested in Port Melbourne this afternoon after a reported altercation with Ms Gould.

Police tonight confirmed he had been fined and issued a penalty notice after being arrested for public drunkeness.

Witnesses are believed to have seen him naked and throwing clothes from his Bay Street apartment. It is believed Nixon then walked onto the street and had an altercation with a member of the public, resulting in his arrest.

Witness Adrian Koziak told Channel Seven that Nixon was being ‘‘intimidating’’ towards police, who had told him to return to his apartment.

‘‘The policeman said, ‘Move on or you’ll be arrested,’ at which point he [lunged] into one of the policeman’s faces. They grabbed him and put his arms behind his back; he started remonstrating and using foul language and they frog-marched him to the police car.’’

Police said that a 48-year-old man had been arrested in Port Melbourne after being found drunk, but would not confirm that it was Nixon.

‘‘I haven’t been charged with anything,’’ Nixon said as he left the station just before 7pm.

‘‘Victoria Police are under investigation … an OPI investigation.’’

A police spokeswoman said she could not comment on whether Nixon had made a complaint against police.
Nixon later refused to speak to The Sunday Age at his apartment.

The troubled former footballer was suspended by the AFL Players’ Association last year after an “inappropriate personal relationship” with 17-year-old Kim Duthie, the so-called ‘‘St Kilda Schoolgirl’’.

On Monday, Nixon posted a rant against Age columnist Suzanne Carbone on his open Facebook account. The tone became sexual, and former Hawthorn player Dermott Brereton was among those who left comments on the account.

On Wednesday, Nixon told the Herald Sun about his engagement to Gould.

‘‘We’re really happy at the moment and we’re really confident it will all work out,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s been a tough 12 months. The amount of attention we get, I’d rather it’s a proper wedding, that’s the priority.’’

In the same article, Ms Gould described herself as a perfectionist and said she had not yet decided who would make her wedding dress.

Nixon’s arrest sparked a flurry on social media.

3AW radio host Derryn Hinch (@HumanHeadline) tweeted: ‘‘Ricky Nixon’s ‘new leaf’. He’s been arrested in Port Melbourne after ‘domestic dispute’. What’s the wedding date again?’’.

On Facebook, Age columnist Ben Pobjie wrote: ‘‘He could manage everyone… except himself: The Ricky Nixon Story”.

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Read Suzanne Carbone’s article here.

Now read as fellow AFL butt-buddies start sluticising Suzanne and searching for a possible reason that she may have written the article other than the fact that Nixon should be laughed at for wanting to sell tickets to people to sit next to him at a footy match. Ricky, it is laughable and you and your hideously past-it circle-jerking mates can look forward to having blatant sexism tagged with your names forever more.

Like you hadn’t already achieved some kind of shady reputation with women….

In addition – we thought it somewhat ironic that Ricky has this on his public Facebook wall.


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