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Meanwhile, National MP George Christensen used a speech to say the attempt to legislate so that churches do not have to perform same-sex marriages is part of a Western march of christophobia.

“It may be news to the secularists but church buildings are not where Christians check-in and check-out the practice of their beliefs,” he said.

“Christianity is a lived experience and Christians are called to remain true to their faith in all aspects of their lives.

“But, despite the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, nation-states throughout the West have effectively outlawed public observance of Christian belief.”

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Liberal MP George Christensen has gone a little tutu far

Christensen in tutu

Blame religion for livestock torture: MP

If People of Faith Commit a Crime, Do They Still Represent the Faith?

A self-professed Christian goes on a murderous rampage and kills nearly 100 people. Is he a True Christian? Does he still represent the faith?

According to a new study (PDF) from Brookings and the Public Religion Research Institute, 83% of Americans don’t think so. In fact, only 13% of people say that a self-identified Christian who commits a crime is still a Christian.

Meanwhile, if a group of self-identified Muslims fly a plane into a building, should they be considered True Muslims? 44% of Americans say yes.

How’s that for a double standard?

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“these gooks and towel nheads/sic/ wanna call em/sic/ self ozzy/sic/ but still want 2 follow there/sic/ relidgion/sic/ thats/sic/ rasism/sic/”

“na[sic] these gooks and towel nheads[sic] wanna call em[sic] self ozzy[sic] but still want 2 follow there[sic] relidgion[sic] thats[sic] rasism[sic] if ive[sic] ever seen”

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It’s hard to know where to start with this comment.  But here goes.

Australians enjoy the right to freedom of religion.  No religion makes you more or less Australian, and nor does a lack of religion.  Migrants to Australia, like all other Australian residents and citizens, are allowed to choose their religion, or to choose no religion.  This right is protected by Australian law.  You, Pete Hickey, do not have any right or valid reason to say which religions are okay and which aren’t.

Practising a religion does not make you racist, Pete Hickey.  Calling people “gooks” and “towel heads” does.  Using these terms to be a racist douchewad is against Australian law.

More to the point, assuming people who look different or have a different religion to you are not ‘ozzy'[sic] is both racist and stupid.  Please do not breed.

(As for ‘Kallen Woppa Wells’, your comment is a disgrace to humanity.)

Pete Hickey


Pete Hickey



Pete Hickey


Pete Hickey


It’s Not Racist to Hate Muslims: Islam is Not a Race…

Eh? Since when were all refugees and asylum seekers Muslim? I thought the majority were coming from Sri Lanka at the moment…

See now this is just confusing. When you criticise people for being generalist and denouncing to Muslims, you’re told that it’s actually not racist because Islam is a religion not a race. Yet time after time, we see Islam attributed to foreign countries as though it was impossible for Muslims to be born in Australia and/or white!

So often you’ll hear comments about religious tolerance in ‘their’ countries, and how women from ‘those’ countries are hairy and ugly. You’ll hear about people wanting Muslims to keep ‘their’ religion in ‘their’ country, and for Muslims to fuck off ‘home’. But then have a go at these bogans and what do you get?

“It’s not racist to hate Muslims because Islam is a religion, not a race.”

The irony is nearly always lost.

Let’s Just Blow The Middle East Up

Even though thee (sic) is no god, and no TRUE religion, we still apparently live in a Christian country and non-Christians should therefore not be entitled to any Christian-only welfare money.

These idiots make several unintelligent implications here:

Firstly, Muslims apparently see themselves as superior; Secondly, Muslims only live in the Middle East;
And thirdly, only Muslims claim welfare money in Australia.

Yeah… Ban the burqa so Muslims don’t claim welfare money in our Christian country. Good logic.