Not-so-classy Paul Watts

Classy Paul Watts

We’re not impressed either. In Australia as an immigrant you are supposed to respect our way of life, or so the bogots tell us.

Guess that means you can send abusive messages to a 74-year-old woman because you don’t like what her kid posts?

Classy eh?

Classy Paul Watts2

Obviously too ugly to use his own picture, Paul Watts is using UFC star Tim Sylvia’s picture as his profile pic.

More class

You will also note that Paul’s idea of class is to join up with as many hate groups as his limited intelligence can manage, get into the adult sex club scene, listen to hate music and to post abusive messages on an Aussie  tennis star’s Facebook pages.

A real class act this one. Maybe his mates Daniel Ahrens and Allan Ellison can lend him the fare home.

Why don’t you just fuck off back to England – we’re full!!