An asylum seeker speaks: “We are making a great voice for all the world”

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This was sent from Manus Island from an asylum seeker to a refugee advocate via Facebook. It has been edited for punctuation.


From Manus Island , the asylum seekers:
Before 25 days from now,a peaceful protest stared in the different compound in MIRPC to call for free and justice.

We did not break properties and did not harm any one.

After one week the immigration held meeting, with all transferees in compound to note our requirement and questions and this was in 5th February 2014. The immigration did not give us any answers, but left claiming that they will be respond in the next few days.

Yesterday at 16th February 2014 the PNG/Aus immigration officers arrived with plenty police men with police dogs. They started the meeting with the clients and told them that all transferees will be settled in PNG and even we become a refugees. We will only settled in png and the process is very slow and it will take along time and whom they are not refugees they will return back home.

And we swear in our god that all of us feel that they are laughing on our feelings, and they talk with us as we are a small babies whom they don’t know any think and every one know that what they are saying is a ball shit (sic).

There for such meeting in which they provoked,depressed and black mailed us. 

This made people peaceful protest and PNG G4S guards and some of Australian G4S security staff started provoking clients, mistreated us and beat some of us.  This lead some of clients to run out side through the back gate when they open it at the dinner time to let the pick up car to enter inside.

After that the local police here follow the clients and start hit and beat them in a very harmful way, also they use the white weapons like the knives and the bush knives and they hurt many of them .

Those clients they start bleeding and two of them they injured at the neck by knives and they bleed a lot and now they are in a very bad situation,and there are more than 50 clients hurt, and they treated at the medical while this is happening a  G4S supervisor his name is XXXX he tried to help the clients to escape from the police and local people beating.

The local people they start to attack him by stones, after that the people from inside the oscar they involved to help him and they start to attack the local by stones after the police hostage many clients, maybe they are six , and the local start to attack every body inside all the compounds.

This leads for all the wounded clients and g4s staff they are more than 55.
We are making a great voice for all the world, for all the people whom can help us. We are unsafe and we are under the local threat by attacking all of us and any time .

This is the fourth time and we don’t know if the next one is the last .Australian government said that they don’t know how those people hurt . This is our story and we are in your hands now there is no one escaping from the compounds any where is not safe from the local even also now inside.