Maleny Dairies and the Muslim-haters

Maleny Dairies has collected a rather dubious gathering of new “friends” since it announced it could not be bothered getting a halal certification for its products.

A disreputable bunch of Islamophobes and hate groups have gathered around the Queensland-based company in some twisted belief that the fortunes of the company are going to improve by their association with it.


With “friends” like these

To clarify a couple of misconceptions – firstly cows’ milk itself does not require halal certification (provided it does not contain additives) in order for Muslims to be able to consume it.

Secondly dairy products such as yogurts, custards, processed cheeses and desserts may require certification if they contain additives to ensure that additives and preservatives are not derived from either non-halal animal sources such as pigs or which contain alcohol or its by-products.

Such a shame that Maleny Dairies will not be able to compete against giants like Parmalat or Dairy Farmers in the wider Queensland and Australian marketplace, nor will they be able to access much of the hugely lucrative Asia Pacific market where millions of Muslims live and which is increasingly demanding Australian dairy produce.

Then again they can always sell their stuff to the likes of some of these commenters

Or these charmers.


Australian Extremists Captured Discussing Bombs and Murdering Innocent People – RT ASAP

Retweet this if you’re on Twitter. The world needs to know about the scum our country ignores.

Good thing there aren’t any extremist Aussies who want to murder innocent people, right?

Just the tip of the iceberg, folks. It seems that even if a refugee embraces our culture and our national flag, they’re still the focal hatred point of the lower echelons of our society. And it’s so damn predictable – again and again we see that it is the people who come from dominantly white areas of our country, working in jobs that don’t even require a completion of Year 10. People who worship alcohol above anything else, see women as pieces of meat, splash their Facebook pages with pictures of trucks, trains, shitbox cars, dirt bikes and newborn babies. These people are the kind of people who should be packed onto a boat and sent into the middle of the ocean. They were lucky enough to grow up in a country free of war and with access to free healthcare, dental-care and education – none of which they actually made full use of. They are so ready to call for the death of people who have watched family members raped and killed, towns burned down, belongings stolen and trashed. And it gets worse – let’s take a look at some more comments. Proceed at your own risk.