Sharls Ashton and “teh_pedos”

We have found that bogots have a prurient, enthusiastic and unhealthy interest in child abuse. For instance they dwell lovingly and in great detail on mythical instances of child abuse supposedly committed by groups of people they don’t like such as Muslims, asylum seekers, anti-racists and anyone not like them. At the same time they are oblivious to the relatively high proportion of their kind, both here and overseas, who are arrested and charged with child protection offences.

Now meet Sharls Ashton, serial Facebook fruitcake.

Sharls Ashton's Facebook

At the time that profile existed Sharls was apparently employed in some capacity by Surf Lifesaving Australia. She has since removed the reference and seems to be committed full-time to football hooligans crim support group the ADL.

Sharls Ashton current profile

No doubt she keeps the teapot full of bile going for the lads at ADdled HQ.


ADL Headquarters

Hard as it is to read and decipher Sharls’ pointless rants, they usually provides lulz when one has nothing better to do.

But this time Sharls has not only managed to defame two unrelated anti-racists but is apparently inviting the daughter of one of them to be stalked by paedophiles.

Sharls Ashton

No doubt the police will be very interested in how Sharls managed to obtain this false “information” given her acknowledged close ties to dodgy groups like the ADL. And we suggest Sharls looks closer to home for any more “paedophiles”. Maybe she should start with the EDL?