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Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York;

So. Three years on. Tony Abbott has singlehandedly changed the mood of this nation. Where once we thought us a fair and compassionate nation, Abbott has turned it seems 58% of the nation into thinking that refugees are illegal. To highlight this further, the coalition recently announced some totally bullshit announcement designed to please their current support base, the small but loud and bitter number of xenophobes that you find in any nation.

Not once has the media ever really tried to question Abbott’s policy. Oh they may have quietly mentioned the view of Indonesia, but it was always presented in a way that that somehow is not an issue and after all Howard did it in the before times.

It was in this environment, this bitter watchlist making environment, talk back hating environment, media…

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Ass-Wipe Janet Shows Some Aussie Compassion


My grandfather spent his last few years in a nursing home, being looked after by aged care workers, several of whom were of Vietnamese, Filipino and Iranian backgrounds. Why did they have to look after his hygiene each day? Because they had escaped war-torn countries that had governments that were either powerless or corrupt. If they had died at sea, there would be fewer Australians willing to put up their hands to do the work that they did.

Fuck you Janet.