Suong Nguyen was ‘scared’ of woman in niqab before racist attack, court told

August 14 2017 – 5:53PM
Stephanie Gardiner

Suong Nguyen was “scared” of a woman wearing a niqab when she banged on her car door, told her to take off her mask, and called her a terrorist.

The victim, Semaa Abdulwali, filmed the racist attack in the car park at Macquarie University on January 20, and the footage was watched by millions of people when her husband Ramzy Alamudi posted it online.

Nguyen was on Monday handed good behaviour bonds and a fine, after pleading guilty to intimidation and causing damage.

Magistrate Suzanne Seagrave said Nguyen displayed an “unexplainable prejudice that has no place whatsoever in our multicultural society”.


Suong Thao Nguyen during a racist rant outside Macquarie University in January 2017.

Suong Thao Nguyen during a racist rant outside Macquarie University in January 2017. Photo: Facebook

“It appeared to have been triggered by Mrs Abdulwali’s apparel, something that Ms Nguyen immediately resented and was angered by,” the magistrate said.

“The motive was prejudice against people of a particular faith.”

Nguyen’s lawyer, Andrew Tiedt, said the university had banned her from campus, and the incident had shattered her family life.

He said Nguyen wanted to express her remorse to the victims, who watched on as she banged on their windows, yelled, and paced around the front of their car.


Semaa Abdulwali filmed as Suong Thao Nguyen banged on her car door.

Semaa Abdulwali filmed as Suong Thao Nguyen banged on her car door. Photo: Facebook

“She regrets what she did … and says she understands the distress and fear it would have caused,” Mr Tiedt said.

“She’s sure they’ve been through quite an ordeal through this process.”

Suong Nguyen covers her face as she leaves court on Monday.

Suong Nguyen covers her face as she leaves court on Monday. Photo: Supplied

Mr Tiedt said there was no excuse for Ms Nguyen’s actions.

“There’s an unjustified, but growing fear of the Muslim community and that isn’t in any way justifying what occurred.

“She was scared, she was afraid of them, then completely overreacted.”

He said Nguyen was recognised on the street after the video of the attack was widely shared.

“This has been a horrific six months for her and that’s by her own making.

“It seems everyone in Sydney has seen the video … that’s a stain on Ms Nguyen’s character.

“It’s unpleasant conduct to the extreme … she knows she did the wrong thing.”

Police prosecutor Ernest Chan said the victims were subjected to a prolonged and disturbing rant that was “unfounded racial and religious prejudice”.

Nguyen’s actions were motivated by hatred, he said.

“This is an incident that will have life-long impacts on both victims.”

Ms Seagrave handed Nguyen a two-year good behaviour bond for the intimidation charge, fined her $750, and ordered she be supervised by Community Corrections.

The magistrate said Nguyen must obey any directions to go into anger management counselling.

She was also handed a one-year good behaviour bond for the damage charge, to be served at the same time, and to pay $817 for damage to the couple’s car.


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“…rip the raga [sic] off there [sic] heads…”

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Wouldn’t it be awful if the world saw how ‘ugly and messed up there [sic] faces are’? You’re so insightful Ben ‘Full Blooded Skips’ Jamieson.

More from the ‘Full Blooded Skips’ here…



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Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 5.41.50 AM

Nazi Asians in Head Scarves

I don’t know about you, but I find this very worrying indeed. Not only are the Asians taking over our country with their blah blah language, but they are now wearing head scarves and imprisoning us for doing as they do. Not really sure what country this is happening in, nor if there is any suggestion of such inhumanity occurring in Australia, but I have a right to feel shit scared of it, because I am a stupid bogan.

Bank Security – Hijabs and Burqas

A lot of Aussies want the Burqa banned for many different reasons, but probably the most used reason is because it poses a security risk in a Government building, such as a bank.

As touched on previously, a bank robber will cover their face anyway – they have no need to choose a burqa over a balaclava – it will result in the same outcome. They will evade detection from security cameras. The balaclava is the smarter choice as it allows easier movement and more peripheral vision. (That’s a free tip to all you aspiring bank robbers out there!).

We decided to actually ask a bank employee what the deal was with burqas in banks. What a novel idea! Seeing as though banks ban the wearing of other coverings such as motorcycle helmets and balaclavas, it hardly seems fair that Muslim women (known for thousands of bank robberies in Australia) are allowed to wear their religious dress in a secular country of all places!

(From an experienced Commonwealth Bank employee in Australia):

“OK first of all motor bike helmets are ‘out’. The reason being is that a helmet is a removable item. It has no religious or cultural purpose other than to save lives.

A hat that has a ‘bug cover’ is also ‘out’ due to the same reasons as above. We ask them to lift the front over their face when we speak to them. There are no bugs in the bank.

Customers that cover their hair or face for religious or cultural reasons are fine in bank security standards. Why? Because firstly the bank deals with people from all over the world and believe it or not, appreciates diversity. We have equal opportunity training regularly to ensure that all employees understand cultural sensitivities. A woman can enter a bank completely covered (except for her eyes) and that is acceptable. Why? Because we have measures in place to ensure ‘safety’ to all customers. Banks are fitted with security video and staff are regularly trained in safety procedures from lock-downs to body language recognition.

All of that aside, employees at our branch of the CBA have more trouble with ‘yobbos’ than anyone else. A man or woman from Sudan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, China or India are generally far more polite, willing to offer secondary ID when asked or when responding to requests from bank staff.

The CBA is a ‘safe’ place that respects the numerous aspects of Australia and its peoples. Rules are in place for employees and customer safety but never for discrimination based on race, religion or culture. In fact I know for a fact that ‘my bank’ is always looking for multilingual, multicultural employees to ensure customer satisfaction.

As I said earlier, we have people from all walks of life entering our bank. There is no difference between a bikini clad twenty something to a fully clad forty something. Ultimately someone will be offended. Is it a security risk? No.

All passport photos are taken with the face uncovered. If we need photo ID of this sort for any purpose at all, this is always presented. If the woman does not want to show a male employee (which has never happened while I have worked at CBA), a female employee is always available to view the photo ID. Thus ensuring safety, bank security and respecting cultural standards.”

Would you let these guys into a bank? It is well documented that the KKK covered their faces because they had intent to commit crime. Even though they claimed to represent Christianity, their dress wasn’t a religious requirement or custom.