Woman charged over Bondi train racist rant

A woman filmed allegedly racially abusing and threatening passengers on a Bondi-bound train while nursing a child has been tracked down by police and charged.

Rebecca Blessington, 28, has been charged with using offensive language after video emerged of a woman in a racist tirade against Asian passengers.

The footage, which was filmed by another passenger at 8.30am on Tuesday April 8, allegedly shows the Merrylands West woman racially taunt fellow passengers while bouncing the child on her knee.
At one stage she gets to her feet and stands over a woman saying “I’ll hurt you” and “don’t underestimate me” while carrying the child in her arms.

“Youse (sic) aren’t citizens. You come in here and take our country ya —–. You know it too. And guess what mate — there’s a war comin’. A war between us and youse (sic),” she says.

The video was filmed during the morning peak hour between Town Hall and Bondi Junction.

Rebecca Blessington, 28, will face court over an alleged racist rant on a Sydney train. (supplied)

During the tirade, the woman claims to be of Aboriginal descent and calls the women “scum”.

“You know the ones that were here first? The black fellas, the Kooris, which I am. This is our country mate.”

Officers visited Blessington’s home this morning and she is set to appear at Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney on May 9, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Source: Daily Telegraph
Author: Matthew Henry. Approving editor: Jack Hawke.



Racist Gold Coast bus tirade caught on camera

ninemsn staff 6:08pm February 27, 2014

The mobile phone vision, filmed by a girl only known as Rebecca, shows the women hurling abuse at the man before assaulting a fellow passenger.

One of the female passengers then punches and kicks the man who cowers against the window.

The teenager filming can be heard frantically pleading with someone on the bus to stop the women as the man tries to retaliate.

Onlookers yell for the women to stop and “leave the poor man alone”, before another male passenger eventually intervenes and forces the offenders off the bus.



The victim, Paul Buttigieg, has now spoken to the media. He is not Indigenous but of Maltese background.

The two women have now been publicly identified as Larna Watmough aged 21 and Laini Cameron aged 17. They have both been remanded in custody.


Tears began to fall down Paul Buttigieg’s cheeks as he recalled the shock of being assaulted by two women on a bus

Aussie zeros comment on Manus Island

Mindful of the headline opportunity the unfortunate events on Manus Island have afforded it, Ninemsn ran this story on its website and invited comments.

Some of the comments were like this one


We could not agree more, especially after reading the rest of the comments on the story.

Comments such as those reproduced below.










Maybe Lindsay and Misha should get a room and spawn a whole next generation of ignorant bigot brats.