Col Hinton to KFC: “If you want to mnake(sic) things gooder (sic), you can sack your bloody halal bullshit”

Meet Col Hinton, food critic, wannabe entertainer and social commentator. Not satisfied with mumbling, moaning and muttering in a huddle with his Facebook mates, Col chests up to the big boys themselves – in this case the KFC Facebook page and its unfortunate unnamed admin.

Col Hinton KFC

Col is very angry and like angry bogots everywhere likes to find scapegoats. In Col’s world teachers are not allowed to strike for better pay and conditions (presumably unlike the bogots themselves), and he has a possible solution which he decided to share with the Ten News Facebook page.

Col Hinton Ten News

We know Col has a balanced diet – his favourite food group features on his Facebook profile pic. In fact it could go a long way to explaining his anger. But Col also likes chicken as long as it is not halal.

Col Hinton KFC2

We don’t know about banning halal blankets, but Col also likes to hang out with hags wearing dirty bedsheets.

Col Hinton B & B

As we will see, Col has diverse xenophobic interests, as shown by his decision  to tell  Network Ten what they should do about representation of minorities in local productions.

Col Hinton The Project

Col’s not shy about posting his pic online so we thought we’d give talent scouts a chance to see whether they wanted to sign him up for their next series of Australia’s Got Bigots.

Col Hinton

Oh and if you want to book Col for your next Klan rally teacher’s strike party he’s available. He lives around Coutts Crossing, and presumably plays the banjo as well.

Col Hinton bio

Anzac Day under threat – from tabloids, shock jocks – and the APP

Remember last year around this time  this Facebook status, cut and pasted from some e mail, was making the rounds? Well here it is again courtesy of the Pathetics.


Ayatollah Dazza then weighs ponderously in to reinforce the rumour, accompanied by ejaculations from his followers.

Darrin Hodges

These fairy tales re-appeared at the same time a report was released regarding the commemoration of the centenary of the Gallipoli landings. And blogger Troy Johnston sets out the real story here

People, people, people … it’s a complete load of BOLLOCKS!

The tabloid media wants you to get your knickers in a twist, because they have decided that, yes indeed, it’s immigrants that are tearing our great nation apart. And these same immigrants are setting there targets on Anzac Day. Those pesky damn immigrants.

What this actually boils down to is that a government commissioned report on the 100 year anniversary of Anzac Day in 2015 – that cost the Australian Taxpayers $370,000 – and it contained the follow statement:

“While the 100th anniversaries are thought to provide some opportunity for creating a greater sense of unity, it is also recognised as a potential area of divisiveness.”

Potential. Not definitely will.

Of course, this statement is absolute nonsense. It is a politically correctly worded statement by bureaucrats for bureaucrats. And anyone with an ounce of commonsense will understand that there is a distinct difference between the real world and bureaucratic paper folding.

And to their credit Ten Network’s The Project sorted the facts from the myths

Anzac Rage

Nothing like a stupid Internet rumour to get the bogots bobbing up and down.


Heathen Scripture demolishes some more myths

And Heathen Scripture’s classic Anzac Day post from last year

ANZAC Day not for faggots and towelheads

Circle Jerk

TAB does not watch a great deal of ordinary TV. We have lives and a blog to maintain. So we are very selective in our viewing.

Bored as we are with the dumb outbursts of minor tabloid TV celebs, we have been waiting for an intelligent and succinct report on this particular incident and Tory Maguire of The Punch seems to have come to our rescue.

When you apologise

Exactly. Then Maguire continues

Circle jerk


And that should be the end of the matter. A fine soldier, alleged good bloke and VC winner was the subject of  idiotic comments by a couple of minor TV presenters on a low-rating gossip show. Apologies were given when the story hit the media.

Except that the whole incident grabbed the unwanted attentions of the Facebook rabble, specifically this crew.

Here’s Facebook woman-hater and rape advocate Trevor George

Trevor George

Trev gets mildly admonished by his unnamed female friend. And we are pretty damn sure that Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith is not particularly interested in fighting for Trev’s preferred way of life.

But Trev, like most of his kind, cannot shut up. In fact he heads over to Yumi Stynes’ Facebook page and lets fly – presumably like a rool man would…

Trevor George 2

We are sure after this loud and public declaration that Trev is going to attract a large following of female admirers.

Trevor George3

It’s clear to us that The Circle isn’t the only place you find jerks.