LNP Dirty Tricks in Rankin? Election 2013

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You be the judge. These flyers were dropped in mailboxes in the Rankin electorate. This is clear propaganda suggesting that Labor would take people’s property if elected in order to install the NBN.


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Now’s a really good time to re-think voting Abbott

Thoughts from a non-Labor person

Heathen Scripture

Australia. Don’t fucking ruin it for everyone. Sometime in the next couple of days you are all going to do that weird dance with the little cardboard houses and the scrawling of runes on scrolls, and like a magical phoenix sewn from boredom and Windsor knots, a new government will be formed. According to what I’ve read in the newspapers owned by one guy, and seen in the polling of people his age who still have hand-cranked telephones, enough of you are going to vote for Liberal or National candidates that Tony Abbott will be installed as Prime Minister.

What I really, really wonder is whether you’ve thought this through.

If you are planning to vote Coalition, I’d love you to actually read the following and think about it, rather than scrolling straight to the comments for a pre-emptive gloat. Because your choice would be a very poor one, for…

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