Australian Extremists Captured Discussing Bombs and Murdering Innocent People – RT ASAP

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Good thing there aren’t any extremist Aussies who want to murder innocent people, right?

Just the tip of the iceberg, folks. It seems that even if a refugee embraces our culture and our national flag, they’re still the focal hatred point of the lower echelons of our society. And it’s so damn predictable – again and again we see that it is the people who come from dominantly white areas of our country, working in jobs that don’t even require a completion of Year 10. People who worship alcohol above anything else, see women as pieces of meat, splash their Facebook pages with pictures of trucks, trains, shitbox cars, dirt bikes and newborn babies. These people are the kind of people who should be packed onto a boat and sent into the middle of the ocean. They were lucky enough to grow up in a country free of war and with access to free healthcare, dental-care and education – none of which they actually made full use of. They are so ready to call for the death of people who have watched family members raped and killed, towns burned down, belongings stolen and trashed. And it gets worse – let’s take a look at some more comments. Proceed at your own risk.

Just Another Australian Nazi With A History of Law-Breaking



Yep – you read that right. ‘General Manager at Auswitz: making the world pretty’.



(88 = HH – ‘Heil Hitler’)


Craig Parsey and his Right to be a Racist

Please take the time to review some of the rumblings of Craig Parsey: proud racist, and believer in the ‘creativity movement’.

Note: Craig Parsey is a supporter and member of the Australian Protectionist Party and the Creativity Movement. He is a former employee of ATMR and a current employee of the Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW.

Australia’s Biggest Whinging Wanker Defies Logic

In reference to the SBS Insight episode, ‘I’m Not Racist, But…’, Nick Folkes offers up some migraine-inducing last words.

That’s right readers, you read it right. Little Nicky refers to himself and fellow gutter-trash as ‘bearers of the truth’.

Here is our ‘bearer of the truth’ telling us that facts and statistics are ‘obscure’ and that Muslims are the only people committing rape in this country. Yes, NSW’s North Coast has a higher instance of rape than more Muslim-populated suburbs such as Bankstown. Folkes’ logical explanation is that either the study is ‘obscure’, or that Muslims are traveling a four-hour return trip to commit rape. And he uses the infamous Bilal Skaf as his evidence to support such a ridiculously spastic claim, overlooking the fact that Skaf committed his vile sex acts in Greenacre (a suburb in Bankstown). Don’t mess where you sleep? Swing and a miss, Folkes.


Folkes talks shit about physical violence and threats of ‘getting people sacked’. What a wanker. No evidence to support ‘threats of violence’, and no idea about how much responsibility TAB admin have over whether an employer thinks their staff making offensive, half-witted comments in public is a sack-able offense. Nick takes delight in hanging around NSW primary schools with is hobo mate Paul Toohey, waving flags and metaphorically beating themselves off over their self-righteousness. Ironically, Folkes adds 2+2 and comes up with 5, stupidly assuming that theantibogan admin are automatically criminals because he doesn’t like them, but fails to recall that vagrant Toohey has a criminal record for assaulting police officers. They also organise fail-rallies a-plenty with their sex-shop lurkster Darrin Hodges, all the while thinking they’ve got the support of true-blue Aussies.

So, ‘what’s the definition of irony?’, you may ask Nicholas if ever you see him standing with his wanky handful of mates at an APP/ADL non-event. Perhaps it’s hating an entire culture of people based on a self-installed perception that they are all hard-wired to blow innocent people up, then publicly declaring your intent to blow innocent people up and kill them, based on the colour of their skin, their country of origin or their religion.

Yep the stupid irony hurts. One day Folkes’ son is going to Google his father. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that moment. Of course, I’d never go near Folkes’ house, knowing how he likes to publicise his feelings towards women.

And of course, his penchant desire to get into female clothing…

Nicholas Folkes, Paul Toohey and Darrin Hodges are nothing more than dirty smegma personified – off-white, dried up, gag-inducing, unwanted babies who are representative of previous fap sessions. Nazi-lovin’ Brievik supporters, keen on spending their lives waving signs that may as well read ‘I’m wasting my time’.

In case you missed Nick’s cameo:

In case you missed the SBS Insight Nick appears on, choking on his own shit:

And because Nicky thinks that any publicity is good publicity, here he is if ever you need someone whose calling in life is standing in front of a wall, painting it white and having a hard-on over white pride.

What Does Banning the Burqa Have to do with Neo-Nazis and Racists…?

An interesting question. You might find the answer to that question somewhere on our website. Or perhaps in this video:

Germanic Australian Pushing Nazi Agenda? Not In My Haas!

Remember this arse-hat?

Zeb Haas

If not, lucky you. He won’t be forgotten around here…


What’s a ‘fagna’? Poor old Nazi homophobe!

Haas is a German name. I’m sure most German Australians would appreciate it if Zeb stopped perpetuating the Nazi regime, and I’m sure that most Australians in general would appreciate it if Zeb fell off the edge of the earth, taking his shit-bomb car with him.

Australian Nazi Collective

Just the tip of the iceberg ladies and gentlemen…

Racist Vandalism Disfigures Fingal Cemetery

Racist vandalism disfigures Fingal cemetery

Nikki Todd   |  12:01am March 8, 2012

Kerrie Green, Sharon Phillips and Leweena Williams can’t believe the desecration at Fingal Head cemetary. Pic: Scott Fletcher

VANDALS have attacked the Aboriginal community’s 150-year-old cemetery at Fingal Head, smashing graves and painting racist slogans across the site.

The cemetery is the only indigenous graveyard in Tweed Shire and the final resting place for more than 100 Aboriginal and Islander residents, including the revered elder Caomoi — one of the last nominal kings of the Tweed Coast — and his son Churaki.

The destruction, believed to have occurred between 7.30am and 9am on Tuesday, included the smashing of a porcelain photograph on the grave of Clarence Langus Phillips, who has many descendants still living at Fingal.

Racist slogans including a swastika and the words “white power” and “KKK” — the abbreviation for white supremacist group the Klu Klux Klan — were also painted on a monument wall at the cemetery.

The vandalism has shocked and disgusted the tight-knit Fingal community, scores of whom visited the site yesterday in a show of support against the attack.

“It is wrong,” said Sharon Phillips, whose father’s grave was smashed.

“This is where all of our ancestors live. I can tell you there are 14 of us Phillips all up in arms about this and it is not just us, folks from the whole community are here to support us.”

Kevin Slabb, whose siblings are buried in the cemetery, said he was shocked by the incident.

“This is out of character with Fingal people,” Mr Slabb said.

“I’ve lived here all my life and I don’t think anybody who lives here and knows the people would do this.

“The indigenous and non-indigenous people here have always connected well.”

Fingal Head Community Association president Dawn Walker said residents were deeply concerned.

“I can’t believe that in a peaceful and cohesive community like Fingal we would have to experience this form of imported and ugly racism,” Ms Walker said.

“The wider community has come out today to say we will not tolerate this sort of racist vandalism.”

As Tweed Shire Council workers began cleaning the graffiti, police were canvassing the area for potential witnesses.

“We are taking this very seriously,” said Tweed Byron LAC Police Inspector Gary Cowan.

“I just can’t understand why someone would do that to a grave site. We are throwing all available resources at it to try and get the result we need.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Tweed police on 5536 0999.