Our 600th Post: Sharlene Ashton and the Collective Stupid

Remember Sharlene Ashton?

Turns out the racist, Islamophobe, homophobe fire-starter is cleaning your business and serving your children canteen goodies.

I didn’t know hating non-whites and setting houses on fire was our ‘way of life’.

Moving on. Here’s a quick montage of some more true blue Aussie racism and stupidity.

With love.

Those ‘Rocket lunches’ must surely cause a fair bit of indigestion and heartburn.

Nice one Paul Guru D’Fence. Wouldn’t it be horrible if women were treated as ‘chattels’? You know, a piece of property that you had to pay for.

Because arguing on the Internet is just so important that problems can only be solved by killing people.

What do you call a bald racist with short-man-syndrome?

Whatever you like. Anyone can be a hero when they type on Facebook.

Good one Bonnie Redburn aka Bonnie May Down.

Australian Customs Officer: You a Muslim?

Muslim just off the plane: No.

Australian Customs Officer: Welcome to Australia.

Well said Rpnald. You probably would have had achieved a little more credibility had you spelled your own name correctly.

How did you obtain those pig-related liquids David?

They’re usually behind bars Hunter.

You’ve got to love ‘HARD COR INTELECTS’ who don’t like ‘RELIGONS’ running our ‘COUNTRIES’ laws.

Whoops excuse us Scott, We shouldn’t have been expressing OUR right to freedom of speech when all along there are bald, pin-dicked thugs like you who can stalk and threaten us. But feel free to continue to whinge about your freedom of speech being attacked by leftists.

How vivid the memory of watching the planes hit the twin towers is. So vivid that whenever I remember it happening I forget that it happened on the 11th of September and that if I was watching it live on Australian TV it happened around 11:30pm at night.

You know what I hate about those Muslims Robin? All those terror attacks they commit on Australian soil. Yeah, okay, I admit it – they haven’t actually committed one single terror attack on Australian soil. But the simple fact is that THE MUZZIES should be hated because they want to kill people with guns and bombs and they don’t care about who you are. They want you dead indiscriminately. Us Aussies would never ever act or talk like that.

They must be joking. But the Muzzies aren’t. Don’t ask me to explain why. It’s too hard.

Ah the Australian biker clubs. Full of repute, they will defend us by stabbing people William Davis doesn’t like.

Phew! A NICE swastika. For a minute there, we were worried Sean Blanch had a NOT-SO-NICE swastika on his back! Like one of the ones below… Ah, the master race.

Yes, Ben. Abel corsef all the way.

Nothing like a good disguise that won’t attract attention when robbing a bank.

Anyone want a ‘husban’? Shriveled gonads from years of riding the chopper, beer belly and grey mullet. Free to a good home.

Cheering For Dead Boat People




Less than a week after innocent people lost their lives after fleeing inhumanity and persecution in their home countries, ‘true blue’ Aussies are laughing about their deaths. Never mind the fact how many children were left as orphans after this tragedy, no. Never mind how many of these men and women had jobs and education back in their home country, no. Never mind that these people don’t actually have the opportunity to stroll up to an airport with their passport and ask to leave the country that persecutes them, no.

These people were believed to be from Iraq. A place apparently improved by our armed forces. A suicide bomber killed over 20 civilians the day after they left their shores. This is an almost daily occurrence.

If this shit was happening in Australia, you can be sure that brave, family-minded Australians would be thinking of what was best for their families and looking for any possible way of leaving and heading to a safer country. But all we can do is sit back and laugh at these people who have never known what it’s like to be free, to eat at nice restaurants, to walk their dog in the park, to take their kids to the beach and to go on a roller coaster. These people have never had rights and their opportunities have been limited. They live every day in fear, assuming it will be their last. These people have never had religious freedom, nor have they had social security.

But sure, let’s laugh at them when they search for a better life. Let’s criticise their decision to risk their lives and the lives of their wives and children because it is a lesser risk than staying in their home country. Let’s call them terrorists even though terrorists generally have money and contacts and arrive in planes. Let’s talk about shooting them as they arrive and then let’s go to church and talk about living a life in the so called image of God. Let’s sit on Facebook and talk about things we have absolutely no clue about and then brag about ‘standing up for our country’.