Niqi and the 36 Votes

It was the night before the crucial ballot. The troops were rallied. You can see how Nick’s fans can barely contain their excitement.

Nicky's friends

The rallying cry must have worked! A couple of days after the close of polls with around 75% of the votes in Niqi’s ward counted he had powered up to an awesome 36 votes!


36 votes

Meanwhile, deluded artist and fellow Burqa Kohlition segment Sergio Redegalli over in Marrickville managed 70 votes. Well, he was handing out free oranges.

Maybe he should have worn the burqa.

Sergio Redegalli

Sergio fail

Islamophobe Nathan Smith, last seen leading the charge in the Wallsend area against the proposed Elermore Vale mosque, has magically appeared in Forbes, where he managed to scratch up 216 215 votes, obviously from country people who have no idea how shonky the APP is.

Pity they spotted the artfully disguised Woolies’ petrol docket…

Here’s Nafe’s thoughtful views on asylum seekers. Wouldn’t you think the people of Forbes would really need such a deep political thinker?


And we just found this in our archives. We are sure the people of Forbes will be impressed.

Sadly however it appears Nathan will not be taking a seat in the Forbes Town Hall any time soon, since he failed to reach quota.

Nafe thinking trying to move his brain about his political options

The Outcome

Laughing stock


More from the Protectionist Pathetics

Sympathy for the Devil

Nutzis feel the warm tumescent surge of an election

Newcastle mosque under attack – and the APP downplays it

On the 5th January 2012 this story appeared in the Newcastle Herald.

Newcastle Herald

Newcastle Herald 5th January 2012


There were many theories as to who committed the violence – some theories have pointed to local ratbag youths, some have blamed interstate hoods – an unlikely theory given the area’s poor public transport. Racist thickheads who cannot even find their own arses with both hands and a torch wouldn’t be too inclined to travel to Newcastle and journey to a quiet out-of-the-way suburb way off the railway line just to vandalise a mosque when there are juicier pickings for the dedicated xenophobe in Sydney or Melbourne.


Vandal 1Vandal 2

Vandal 4

Vandal 4


Predictably Xenophobe-in-Chief Darrin Hodges, eager for any media attention as his Facebook group micro-party subsides into irrelevancy, pipes up with his unwanted opinion right here

Australian Protectionist Party spokesman Darrin Hodges said yesterday he believed many people were ‘‘concerned about what goes on inside’’ mosques, but the attackers ‘‘could just be local drunks’’..

‘‘I’m a bit suspicious about all that,’’ Mr Hodges said.

‘‘It doesn’t mean they’re doing it because it’s a mosque.’’

The party’s Sydney-based organiser, Nick Folkes, said debate about a mosque proposal at Elermore Vale had created interest in the party.

‘‘We definitely had a lot of people wanting to know what we were about,’’ he said.

So this apparently explains the huge turnout at the APP’s anti-Muslim demo at Civic Park in 2010.

Newcastle APP demo

Thousands of Novocastrians don't turn up at the APP rally.

Don’t worry we have plenty of links showing exactly what the APP is all about.

So Nicky, where’s your disavowal of hate politics? Where’s your concern for the scared women and kids who were inside the building?

And where’s Nathan Smith? We thought he was your main mosque man in Newcastle.

Nathan Smith

And by the way, you really don’t have to worry about info getting out about your party either. It’s already out there. By the bucketload.


Yet Another Epic Fail: “It’s A Cowardly Racist Who Hides Behind Cars.”

and all the links therein.

Politics and the Bogot

The bogots are passionate about their politics, while understanding very little about the political process of the country in which they live.

Take the national icons for example.


Bogots overwhelmingly  love the flag. It adorns their houses, their cars, their shoulders, bums and boobs. It provides much material for lurid tattoos. It decorates them at a range of public occasions from Big Day Out to the footie to the next anticipated punch-up with lefties greenies Muslims “unStrayans”.

Kudelka cartoon

We breathlessly await the flag franger so every bogot banana can be proud and protected.. Something like this effect for whenever the bogot feels one coming on. Matter of fact, the bogot has one now.

Flag franger

Bogots are quite adamant that the Anzacs fought under the current Australian flag in WWI. Sadly for them, the Anzacs did not. They fought under the Union Jack, the flag of Britain and its Empire.

Likewise the bogot is convinced that Australia’s Constitution, a document which most of them have not read, contains a provision for “free speech”. Again, it does not.

Now Mark [name removed] is very concerned about the direction Straya is heading.

We were not aware that curtains had political parties. Maybe Mark is confused because he read something about Curtin, one of Australia’s greatest Prime Ministers. Or maybe he is worried about Daylight Saving. Thankfully he is not going to run anyone out of town about it. We are all breathing easier at TAB.

Nevertheless his mate Gary, a laundry expert, is in no doubt about what he wants done with the curtains.

Joel Rickard desperately wants an election. He may have even been watching events unfold in the Middle East, where people have taken to the streets to get rid of their governments. Or maybe not – the bogots don’t like the Middle East.

Joel Rickard

Sadly, Joel is yet another who is ignorant of the Constitution. There are only a few very specific circumstances in which the Governor-General is empowered to call an election, and none of them exist at the moment, even with a minority government. Even with a “petetition” (sic)

Fortunately, Antony Green, probably Australia’s foremost expert on election matters, has answers.

Nathan Smith, Newcastle’s own Pathetic Party stalwart (yes, there is one) is on about they. We assumed he meant the overwhelming majority of the Australian people who do not subscribe to the politics of the APP and parties like it, but apparently not. He is talking about asylum seekers.

Nathan Smith

So according to Nathan the two or three thousand boat arrivals who come here each year and who cannot vote until they have achieved permanent residency and citizenship (a process which can take several years) apparently have the power to hugely influence elections. Someone better tell the major political parties, especially Labor. Maybe they’ll change their asylum seeker policy.

Pete Barry is keen on defending Straya by re-introducing national service, a policy which frankly has failed to receive much support from the electorate in the past . Perhaps it will be more attractive with some “flexability” (sic) which sounds like our soldiers might be doing some stretching exercises.  We were hoping Pete might elaborate, but unfortunately he then got distracted by the serious question of leadership.

We have noticed that the bogots love the concept of leadership, being the dedicated sheep-like followers they are. And Pete Barry is in no doubt as to who should run Straya – failed serial political candidate Pauline Hanson is his pick for PM.

Pauline for PM

It is hard to know how Pete came to that conclusion, since Hanson was rejected as a political candidate in turn by the Liberal Party, then her own party. Then again impulsive brain-farts based on no evidence whatsoever  have long characterised bogot thinking.

Now here’s Julie Coleman, Facebook’s own version of Crownies  Tracey Samuels.

Fortunately “Tracey Samuels” is a fictitious character. Unfortunately Julie Coleman is not.

From her own personal high moral Everest Julie ceaselessly patrols the Internet stabbing her cyber-digit at those of whom she disapproves. Of course, they all lie to the left of Julie politically. Most of the country does.

Julie Coleman

We think she was talking about TAB. We would quite happily accept donations but unfortunately we do not for all sorts of sound legal reasons.

We know that religion can be a good cash cow, but we have better things to do with our weekends.

Now here’s a Batty who is quite sure it knows what TAB is.


Err…never heard of “social alliance” (sic). Please explain…

Yet Another Epic Fail: “It’s A Cowardly Racist Who Hides Behind Cars.”

Well the Australian Protectionist Party have failed miserably again.

‘Mosque Rally Draws Just Four Protesters’

Race Rally Fear Over Elermore Vale Mosque

(See earlier related fails…):

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The Saga of the Sad Little White Clown

The APP’s Views on Aboriginal Australians

Hodge’s Denial

The laughable irony all along is that all of these bigots think they have such massive levels of support for their hatred and intolerance, yet they fail over and over and over again. The consistent election results should be enough to send the message to these clowns that their support will never be more than 1 – 2%. But they went for it, again, and tried to organise an anti-Islam rally in the Newcastle suburb of Elermore Vale. It drew just four people.

The APP went public with their protest over the proposed Mosque, with spokesdummy Nathan Smith saying that thousands of Muslims would move to Elermore Vale and create parking issues. This is despite Elermore Vale having an existing population of a mere 28,000 people and no planned developments of apartment blocks or high rises. This is also despite there being an already existing 72 Mosques/Musallas/Islamic Prayer Rooms in NSW. It must be noted at this point that there was already an existing action group called EV CARES, who opposed the Mosque on the issues of increased parking hassles alone (despite the developers stating on the record that there would be on site parking), and even they wanted to distance themselves from the incredibly inept and unpopular APP.

Also of note – an existing Mosque in nearby Wallsend has been in existence for over a decade, with no bombings, mass suicides, acts of rape or pedophilia, community terrorism or public stonings. In fact, nearby residents affirm that the Muslims who use the Wallsend Mosque are friendly and hospitable, often inviting neighbours to functions, stopping to chat and bringing them food and gifts. This is completely oppositional to ‘information’ within APP brochures distributed around the suburbs stating that Mosques are a ‘focal point’ for the ‘significant’ amount of extremists within Islamic ranks.

Of course, the APP hides their blatant intolerance behind the idea that Islam is not a race, but a religion, and therefore can be the subject of discrimination, despite Australia’s freedom of religion laws. The APP and EV CARES both also hide behind the simplistic focal point of ‘parking issues’ in order to oppose the Mosque. Let’s have a quick look at the proposed Mosque location in Elermore Vale though (click to enlarge):

As you can see – PLENTY of room for the proposal’s on-site parking arrangements. The Mosque will not be even close to being as big as a supermarket, and look – there’s one for you to make your comparisons with right there on the map. In fact, the proposed Mosque is supposed to go in behind the giant Bi-Lo supermarket and carpark.

HERE is a suburb where ‘parking issues’ could be a legitimate argument against a proposed Mosque (click to enlarge):


So anyway, it all boils down to this:

* People that oppose Mosques don’t give a flying fuck about parking issues, they’re just hate/fearmongers who don’t like Muslims. Hence, “It’s a cowardly racist who hides behind cars.”

* White supremacist groups like the APP are epic failures and do NOT have any public support. This is shown in election results AND in protest attendees.

Fail, fail, fail.

Racists Can’t Spell


Oh dear Chelsea, we’d actually noticed the complete opposite. Usually people who publicly post their vile diatribes that insult entire communities of people are noticeably unintelligent, uneducated and consequently terrible at English.

The irony in your comments is not lost on us. Please allow us to show you why:

“I just gotta (got to)… put this out there while…” (confusing coordinating conjunctions with subordinating conjunctions):

Conjunctions have two basic functions or “jobs”:

  • Coordinating conjunctions are used to join two parts of a sentence that are grammatically equal. The two parts may be single words or clauses, for example:
    – Jack and Jill went up the hill.
    – The water was warm, but I didn’t go swimming.
  • Subordinating conjunctions are used to join a subordinate dependent clause to a main clause, for example:
    – I went swimming although it was cold.

“…this is totally irrelevant, but has anyone else noticed (that) every facebook…” (capital letter needed for a proper noun: Facebook) “…user who is of Islamic faith type ALL IN CAPS or with a large number of grammatical errors? I’m yet to come across one to prove me wrong.”

“Or do alot…” (‘a lot’ – two words) “…of these(;)…” (inappropriate use of semicolon) “”…………..”.” (Yes, they’re called speech marks.

“Come to bankstown, sydney…” (Bankstown and Sydney are both proper nouns and need capital letters, Chelsea) “…Michelle. Worst place in australi,…” (proper noun – Australi(a)…) “… you will see why.”


Yes boys and girls, Chelsea is a hypocrite. There’s no denying it. But she wanted to be proved wrong. So here’s some more evidence of racists who can’t spell and don’t know shit about grammar:




One Nation Moron in Denial

This guy got owned at slackbastard



“…and yes we all make statements we later regret.”