Australian is a race and it’s white, apparently

We’ve come to the conclusion that the far right live in an inferior alternative universe which has unfortunately intruded on the real world.

You certainly could be excused for thinking so after reading nonsense like this


Distinguished ethnologist Kane Fleming, known to his crowd as “K Ano” has taken on the task of explaining race to his fellow knuckle-draggers.

So for the benefit of any ignoramuses who might drop by let’s pull Kane’s theories to pieces and consign them to the rubbish bin.

Briefly, since this is a complex field

*Firstly, there is no such thing as “race”. Modern humans are all one species descended from a common ancestry.

*Secondly, the term “Caucasian” is a relic of theories around at the end of the 19th Century which tried to explain the diversity of modern human populations in racial terms. Modern science does not.

The only people who can lay claim to the name “Caucasian” are people who live in the Caucus region of Asia Minor, which Wikipedia describes as one of the most culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse regions on the planet.

*Thirdly, though the term “Caucasian” may be used in police dramas on TV to identify suspects, it is not a scientific term. It just tells the cops that the suspect looks white and the use of the term is a relic of a racialised past.

*Fourth, “Anglo-Saxon” denotes a language group, not  an ethnicity.

Watch this

* Lastly, there were probably a million Indigenous people in Australia when Kane’s beloved “Caucasians” arrived. These people had occupied the continent for over 40,000 years, so were more “Australian” than the newcomers.

Now by Kiwi “culture” is Kane referring to NZ culture as a whole? Or Maori culture?

Remember white people from Britain also invaded New Zealand but unlike their compatriots who invaded Australia, they drew up a treaty with the original inhabitants.

Not unexpectedly given the company he keeps, Kane hates Muslims.

And while we’re at it we’d like to know how 2% of the population can discriminate against the other 98%. Apparently Kane and his band of scholars know.

And here’s some of Kane’s “likes” which tend to reveal how he developed his batshit theories. Note the neo-Nazi and decidedly geriatric Australia Firsties, the far right politician, the obligatory right-wing nostalgia group, the Muslim-haters and the two Pathetic Defence Leagues with their half dozen or so pimply adolescents bearing plastic light sabres.

Watch and learn

Ethan Jones Stephen Mark Jones Scott Andrews and his shoddy little secret

Just when you thought the bogots had slithered underground for winter here’s Scott Andrews yet again.

Scott heads off to fight teh_mooslems

We really don’t have to write much commentary for this weirdo. His rants speak for themselves. Maybe those among our readers with expertise in psychology can give us some insights.

This was one of Scotty’s appearances on a trolling mission. Apparently the best way to engage the enemy is to assume a fake profile and dribble shit on Facebook pages.


The Central Coast-based self-appointed crusader, when not pulling wings off flies or torturing local marsupials, loves to message women. Here’s some unwanted messages he sent as “Steven Mark Jones”  to a woman who (gasp!!) dared to disagree with him.


He must have really had his little pecker going. Here’s more threats to another woman.


Read the last message. The flower of the ADL then has his shoddy little secret revealed – one shared by the rest of those in the “Defence Leagues”.


The Atrophied Dicks League

And would someone care to tell us where “sweeden” is?

Ivan Tipp: Grumpy Old Man

Ivan Tipp is a pensioner who lives in Queensland, is a noisy “contributor” to social media, blogs and newspaper comments and a passionate advocate of identity politics – which as we have often pointed out is an infantile view of a mythologised past.

Ivan gets very angry sometimes and likes to share his anger with the rest of the country. He shows this by using LOTS OF CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation marks!! Australia take note!!

And we can find out lots about Ivan by reading his outpourings which span the gamut of social media.

1. Ivan likes to share his message by spamming this blog. Here we discover Ivan is misogynist with a particular hatred for Julia Gillard.


2. On Facebook Ivan is an anti-Semite as well as misogynist.


3. Ivan has a Twitter account where he likes to pose as a nuclear physicist and reveal his hatred of Julia Gillard and of people from the Middle East.


4. Ivan has even set up a compendium of his wisdom on YouTube


5. Ivan likes because he gets to vent yet more spleen on useless Internet campaigns. Not sure what cancer has to do with his fervent desire to have sex with Tanya Plibersek and defame her husband.


6. Ivan is a keen fan of feminine hygiene products as revealed on a blog.


7. Muslims as well as Jews attract the ire of this truly patrootic Strayan. You can see how important this post is because it uses expletives as well as CAPITAL LETTERS.