The Hamster Wheel V Muslamic Burqa Rayguns

We love The Chaser here at TAB so we were very pleased to see their new show The Hamster Wheel.

In one of their latest episodes they have taken on the vexed question of the burqa, a question which seems to really worry about half a dozen extremely odd people and which is a convenient way for A Current Affair 60 Minutes Today Tonight to fill up some air time (and presumably keep the viewers and sponsors of A Current Affair 60 Minutes TDT happy with some gratuitous minority-bashing).

Internet fashion guru Kye Keating apparently took time out of his busy schedule of creating and keeping up with dodgy Facebook groups to give his considered opinion to TDT on an article of clothing worn by a handful of observant adherents to a minority religious group . We find that Kye has no job or study plans we can immediately discern but he does have a snappy line in emo hairdos and a refreshingly charisma-free media presence.

Batty burqa site

We forecast a great future for Kye doing something or other especially with head-shots like this.

Kye Keating

Kye gets his bliss on

In other highlights, media whore and self-appointed mad  Mahdi to the unshriven Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon was also happy to lend his presence to the proceedings. Perhaps he and Kye can get together and exchange hair and makeup tips?

Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon

Ibby struts his stuff

And The Hamster Wheel has some handy hints for media eager to get on the batty burqa circuit.


Move over pet rocks and Rubik’s cubes, TAB foresees some great pointless merchandising opportunities. With dynamos like Kye and spruikers like Ibby, you can’t miss!

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Guess what – “there are no Muslims in America…except when we say so”

We were all saddened by the premature death of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and one of the most imaginative and innovative entrepreneurs in history.

However, far from being respectful towards the memory of one of the men who has (inadvertently) made it possible for them to disseminate their turgid hate campaigns, the bogotariat has taken the opportunity to come to a breathtakingly stupid conclusion.

Horace Lim

So it seems according to cultural studies expert Horace Lim, Muslims are somehow not “capable” of producing the sort of creative genius possessed by Jobs (and by the non-Americans Horace compares him with).

Never mind that the work of Edison, Picasso and Da Vinci were ultimately products of the cultural and scientific explosion of the European Renaissance which in turn was a product of the cultural and scientific flowering of Europe during the period of the Islamic Caliphate.

In Edison’s case, would his work have been possible without the invention of modern mathematics (a Muslim development of Hindu ideas)?

But much to Horace’s surprise and chagrin this poster produces the following information


Shock horror!  Steve Jobs’ biological father is a Syrian Muslim!

One can now imagine a steady stream of bogots, foil hats firmly clamped on pointy heads,  returning their iPhones, iPods and iPads to their nearest Apple store in disgust, perhaps terrified about the Muslamic rays emanating from the OS from its Muslamic Rayguns.

Muslamic ray guns

We really don’t care whether Jobs was of Arab Muslim descent or a Calathumpian from Kazakhstan, but to the bogotry, “breeding” is regarded with all the fervour of a race-horse owner, especially when it comes to people of non-European non-Christian ancestry.

In fact Steve Jobs is just one of many prominent Americans either of Muslim descent, converts to Islam or who are currently Muslim who have been outstanding contributors to US life and culture. Muslim contact with the Americas are widely acknowledged to go back to the 12th Century.

And as far as Jobs’ Arab heritage, one Arab described Jobs as the world’s second most famous Arab (the first being the Prophet)

Perhaps the most famous American of Muslim descent is US President Barack Obama. President  Obama’s father Barack Hussein Obama Sr and stepfather Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo were both Muslim by birth, though Obama Senior usually described himself as an atheist or agnostic. This of course has produced a collective buzzing and swarming of rednecks across the US, like blowflies at a barbecue, with echoes resonating here amongst the fuckwittery “intelligentsia” of Straya.

Of course the real reason for all this toxic spew is because Obama is black. But we don’t say that do we now Bonnie?

Bonnie May Down