Jay Diggler Spreads the Good Word



I bet this guy who wants to blow up refugees hates Muslims because he thinks they want to blow everyone up. Let’s take a look and see…



Yep – there it is. How predictable. Who the fuck is Jay Diggler to talk about living peacefully, preservation of environment and culture and ‘wducating ppl’? Could this bloke be any more fucked in the head? Advocating blowing up innocent people so he doesn’t have to *shock* know that they’re in our country?



Bullet in his head?



To summarise, Jay Diggler wants to:

* Blow up innocent people;

* Shoot people who have different opinions in the head;

Yet Islam:


* Is full of people who get away with murdering people because Australians don’t want to be called racist;

* Doesn’t have any peaceful, law-abiding followers.



Islam Not A Race… But Islamic Women Are Ugly

Exempting themselves from any form of racism when attacking Muslims because ‘Islam is not a race’…

Yet the hypocrisy is shown (and typically missed) when John Hunton unwittingly and subconsciously refers to Islamic women as being different from Australian women in physical appearance. And when physical characteristics are pretty much the only definitive aspects separating people from around the globe, it’s obvious that John sees Muslims as being non-white. And this is after Mick Crane calls for a ‘Muslim-free Australia’ by wanting all Muslims to get onto a plane so the Government can blow it up over the ocean. (Ironic really, that Mick sees blowing people up entirely acceptable, yet probably hates Muslims based on the misconception that they like to blow people up)…

If Islam is just a religion, then Jessica Alba could be one tomorrow. And with Atheism and Islam leading the world in conversion rates, perhaps that’s not so unlikely.

“heil hitler (sic)/no surrender, no retreat…” (from Melbourne)

Not much to add to this, obviously. He does seem to be the complete package though…:

* homophobe;

* Aussie pride white nationalist;

* Fuck Off We’re Full representative;

* neo-nazi;

* racist;

* English language enforcer with terrible English skills;

* violent tendencies;

* desire to bomb/kill non-whites.

Love from Melbourne.

Fuck Off Or Well (sic) Stab You Some More

The saddest part about this level of hatred is that it has come from a resentment founded on aesthetics only. William is part of a section of our population who hate Indians simply because some of them have body odour issues and take on monotonous jobs. Hypocrisy much?

Anyway, if you have dark skin, sweat a bit and work for minimum income in this country, William will organise some bikies onto you and get you stabbed. That’ll teach you to walk with your heads high and make him feel insecure.

TheAntiBogan = Unemployed Bleeding Heart Lefties?


Well it certainly looks as though we are making some waves. The bogans are paying attention. Jumping to conclusions, getting confused and worried about the origins of our posts, messaging each other and acting concerned about our apparent support for terrorism. Because highlighting the negative connotations of racism and supporting the fair and equal treatment of all citizens in our country and worldwide is somehow pro-terrorism and racist in itself – apparently.

The funniest part about this cousin fucker’s rant is not his bravado in falsely linking the authors of this blog to a Facebook group that happens to support our work, but his rant about University graduates being dole bludgers incapable of holding down full time or part time jobs.

Statistics taken from the Graduate Careers Australia’s survey, ‘Beyond Graduation’, state that 100% of University graduates are available for full time or part time work. 87% of University graduates are engaged in full time employment, and 11% are in part time employment. A total of 98% of University graduates are employed, and 2% are unemployed, some by choice.




“The sustained loss of jobs in the production of goods has lead to a major decline in job opportunities for men who have only modest levels of formal education.”


“Education is a major factor in influencing employability. An international forum on youth unemployment concluded that barriers to education, a lack of appropriate education and a mismatch between skills gained through education and job opportunities are contributing factors to youth unemployment. The OECD maintains that the high rates of youth unemployment can be largely attributed to the fact that numerous young people leave school without the skills needed to enter employment. An International Adult Literacy Survey also found ‘employment and unemployment are strongly related to levels of literacy proficiency’. And while internationally Australia is competitive in regard to the proportion of students achieving a high level of literacy (18 per cent of 15 year olds read at the highest level), it falls behind in regard to reducing the proportion of students with low literacy levels (12 per cent of all 15 year olds remained at the lowest level). The effects of education on employment outcomes for Australian youth will be further highlighted in the section below.”


So anyway, now that Matt Dobson looks like a bigger fuckwit than first thought possible, it’s time for us to get back to being ‘unemployable’ ‘racists’:

Revel in the immaturity and stupidity of this halfwit. He has the nerve to call authors and contributors of this site childish and racist. He represents a racist ‘political party’ that failed to attract 0.1% of Australian public support in the most recent Federal election. He strongly opposes Islam partly because of its treatment of women and homosexuals, yet represents a ‘political party’ that stands strongly against same-sex marriage, adoption rights for same-sex parents and government funding for homosexual groups. He claims to be all knowing, mature and anti-racist.












Go ahead bogans. Come to our site and stand up for the comments that you’ve publicly put into the online world. Defend them and stop complaining about us making comments that you already made public available to a more intelligent and critical audience.

Go ahead bogans. Tell us how we’re racist. Tell us how the comments featured on this website aren’t racist.


Kill Every Sri-Lankan

Wonderful. Here’s a 20 year old bloke who doesn’t seem to mind telling the world about how he’d like to kill anyone from Sri Lanka. Not only that, but fellow dropkicks are ready to “…help u (sic) on that one no (sic)”.

He lives in an area where over 88% of its population is white.

Chris Likes Snapping Indians’ Necks

No reason given whatsoever as to why Chris wants to snap Indian people’s necks other than they ‘aint (sic) got no (sic) fucken ballls (sic)’.

Is this our way of life, Jason? Breaking people’s necks because of their skin colour? If that’s the case there would be very few people willing to respect the Aussie way of life.

Of course, we know this isn’t the Aussie way of life, it’s just the only way of life known to people like Jason, Chris, Andy and Andrew.