Maleny Dairies and the Muslim-haters

Maleny Dairies has collected a rather dubious gathering of new “friends” since it announced it could not be bothered getting a halal certification for its products.

A disreputable bunch of Islamophobes and hate groups have gathered around the Queensland-based company in some twisted belief that the fortunes of the company are going to improve by their association with it.


With “friends” like these

To clarify a couple of misconceptions – firstly cows’ milk itself does not require halal certification (provided it does not contain additives) in order for Muslims to be able to consume it.

Secondly dairy products such as yogurts, custards, processed cheeses and desserts may require certification if they contain additives to ensure that additives and preservatives are not derived from either non-halal animal sources such as pigs or which contain alcohol or its by-products.

Such a shame that Maleny Dairies will not be able to compete against giants like Parmalat or Dairy Farmers in the wider Queensland and Australian marketplace, nor will they be able to access much of the hugely lucrative Asia Pacific market where millions of Muslims live and which is increasingly demanding Australian dairy produce.

Then again they can always sell their stuff to the likes of some of these commenters

Or these charmers.


there is Asians every wear

Playing ‘Spot the Aussie’? Here are some things to look out for:

* Poor spelling and grammar;
* Deep intolerance;
* Addiction to social media;
* Facebook profile picture containing dirt bike, alcohol brand, latest new-born, dog, hotted-up piece of shit car;
* Happy to express desire to kill non-white people.

Of course – not all Australians display these characteristics, but the people below would definitely identify such traits as exclusively Australian.


None in the Family

Some families have at least one member who embarrasses them by their bizarre behaviour and this seems to be universal in the ranks of those unfortunate enough to have racists and bigots as family members. We are constantly amazed at how some of these weird cuckoos in the nest have bobbed up in otherwise respectable and likeable families.

We have even had the family members and exes of racists and bigots post to our blog informing us that they are the __ (insert relationship here) of a particular featured nutjob, and asking that we do not judge them and the rest of the family by the particular embarrassing outcast.

Back in 2011 we came across a bunch of hard-core bogots moaning about how family members had rejected them and their racist and bigoted views.

Fast forward to 2012 and you can see the whining has not stopped. Here are some recent whines from people who think demonising and hating  minorities and aligning themselves with criminal behaviour is more important than upsetting and humiliating family members and friends.

Family therapy needed…or something.


Bogot Family Values

The 2012 Olympics Limpdicks™

Most Aussies were able to enjoy the recent London Olympics either in person or via an extensive television and Internet coverage. Over a hundred athletes went to London and competed in a wide range of events.

About 30 of them won medals; the rest turned in what were often personal bests. Now the Paralympics are showcasing the great performances of our athletes with disabilities.

Sadly, the bogots missed out on selection for London since they have little or nothing to offer an elite sporting team. Or a nation for that matter.

So we thought we might feature a sample of their memorable signature performances in their very own competition.



As we can readily see, TAB and Facebook favourite Scott Pengelly loves rapid cycling. So much so he features in not one but at least two track events along with some road racism racing. We look forward to seeing Scott pedalling away, packing down with the lads in the peloton,  attired in his tight Lycra while declaring his 90 degree straight masculinity.

1. Teen Pursuit

2. The (H)om(o)nium

Over to the water now where several seasoned performers and their cheer squad express their hopes for the day’s performances. Josh wants to express his fine notions of sportsmanship though Mitch has some fears that they might be dragged down.

However confirming some media speculation, Atlanta does not seem as focused as perhaps she should be on the coming event but seems more obsessed with the  Festive Season.

3. 10km Marathon Asylum Seeker Drowning Attempt

4. Mixed Double Trap

A very special welcome to “John Harris” . Having featured prominently in marathons around Queensland and with memories of the torturous kilometres north of Brisbane, “John” recently fronted a packed media conference to announce its intention to compete in shooting off its mouth events.

Witness “John’s” performance in its qualifying round against a female opponent. Note its clever attempts to size up her position before he takes aim. Watch its close attention to the target. An obsessive performer indeed.

However we have no idea which event it was that “John” was attempting to qualify for. And its constant reiteration of its nickname “Gimpy” did not help – an obvious reference to its chosen shooting outfit.


John “Gimpy” Harris in its favourite shooting gear

5. Bogot Bitch Volleyball

Grubby sheet afficiandos B & B have fronted up again this year to contest this event. Don’t be fooled folks by the bikini-clad women in the picture, they are just smoke and mirrors designed to distract B&B’s opponents.

Rool bogot bitch volleyball players dress like this.

Bitch volleyball players in their stalking walking out uniform

Third team member Michelle is known to us from her previous efforts in intimate equine encounters. She has now left the horses alone to try her luck on the sand.

Michelle Alexander

Michelle gets up close and personal with her latest mount

As you can no doubt tell from our featured competitors, banned substances are a big problem amongst the bogots. However, efforts are in hand to eliminate dopes in sport.

Now to wrap up

Dope Testing at the Limpdicks

And sports medicine expert Anne not only is conscious of the epidemiological implications of having a bunch of ripe, diseased and sweaty bogots in one place, she is also mindful of the prohibitive costs facing bogot teams.

A shame she has it all completely wrong, but that’s bogots for you…

Would you house an asylum seeker in your home for $300 a week?

Asylum seeker 1

Along come the Pathetics to add their two cents’ worth

APP asylum

And even the Tanty Bogans are prepared to put aside their malign hatred of asylum seekers if there’s a dollar to be extracted from taxpayers and charitable organisations – not to mention some cheap labour to exploit.

Asylum seeker 2

And not only are the Tanties in full bellow, the Burqapede has also managed to grind out some piss-poor poetry – no doubt hoping for a financial literary spinoff.


We won’t bore you with the whole turgid rant. However the dirty bedsheet set were fulsome in their praise along with much exchange of e-fluids followed by the usual bogot chow-down. Riveting stuff.


Never get between a bogot and a fistful of dollars

Racist T-Shirt Fail


The genius behind ‘Barbara and Betty Burqa’ are Michelle Alexander and Barbara Ausburn, aka Diane True Blue from the Australian Protectionist Party.

“No Sex Please We’re Bogots” – Special X rated edition

Bogots spend a lot of time thinking about sex. Probably not much time having it – after all come on now, have you seen them?

But they are very concerned about a range of sexual issues. The first issue which concerns them is homosexuality.

"Jack Stone" and Paul Toohey

Bogots are uncomfortable with homosexuality and often in denial about their own orientation. On the one hand, trawling for supporters for their hate pages as they do (because with them it’s all about size, not quality), they occasionally say things like “i dont care if two fags wanna get married i just hate burqas…” or words to that effect. On the other hand they are very quick to use words like “faggot” and “gay” to demonise their opponents, and when they are not drowning asylum seekers or chesting up for “white Straya” they can often be found frolicking in homophobic groups.

Andy & Donna

Secondly they are very interested in the sex life of Muslims. As far as we know, Muslims have sex just like everyone else on the planet, but not according to the bogotariat.

Ronald Monroe

Pedeophile? A new perversion there Ronnie.

Christopher O' Reilly

For a young bloke Chris certainly seems to know a lot more than he probably should about women’s bits. And “teh_FGM”

Female Genital Mutilation is a grave problem in certain parts of the world. It is certainly not confined to a small number of Muslims who practice it. But very very few Muslims in Australia would be victims.

Property tycoon “Ele Fre”gives us the lowdown on someone called “MOMO”. Scary stuff – “Ele”‘s theological knowledge that is.


Fabric expert Ang Os draws attention to the “gay Muslins” – that’s nice Ang, now we know what fabric is  in for Spring – before going down the predictable scary paedophile path.

In what passes for conversation in one of their covens, several Islamophobes come to grips with their belief that “child marriages” (code for “paedophilia”, their favourite perversion) are rife in the Middle East. Now “Ray G” actually tries to insert some factual evidence into the discussion but is quickly sat upon by the others.

Bonnie Caverly

Bonnie Caverly 2

“Ray G” of course knows as we do that the notorious picture showing young men with small girls is in fact a Muslim wedding, but  the little girls are actually junior bridesmaids. But then again it is not as much fun and not so loin-stirring for the phobes if they are faced with the truth. So after being pointed in the right direction they just keep going on and on. Obsessed much?

Next, Mary Jane for instance wonders about “dirty Muslim men” bringing “child brides” into this country. Never mind that  no one in Australia is allowed to get married before the age of 18 – perhaps Mary lives in another country? In both the state of Georgia in the US and the Republic of Georgia in the Caucuses, both Christian majority jurisdictions, and in Scotland, part of the UK, you can be married long before 18. In  fact you are more likely to find a “child bride” in Bonny Scotland than you are in suburban Sydney.

Convert to Allan

We are rather interested too in this new deity called Allen. Does she mean Alan Jones perhaps? We can assure her unequivocally that Alan Jones is not interested in having a child bride.

Michelle Alexander

Well Michelle, all religions are inherently anti-woman. And we know plenty of non-Muslim men in Australia who are dickheads where women are concerned. Just look at the stats on domestic violence and sexual assault in this country. And sexual predators don’t care whether you are naked or covered from head to foot because sex offences are all about power not sexual attraction.

Now can anybody help Ellen with a copy of the “quarne” (sic). We can’t.

But Steve Clayton has assured her that Muslims are “shirt-lifters” as well as having a perverted fondness for animals. One can only assume that Steve has deep and intimate knowledge of these things. Must be tiring being polyperverse, eh Steve?

Ellen Forrester

Ryan is obviously a serious seeker after truth.

Ryan Leaf

However it is unlikely he will find out though because no sensible woman of any religious persuasion would go near him.

Samantha Mitchell

Samantha thinks that Muslim women are very tiny. We doubt if Muslim women are under anyone’s thumb – certainly no more so than Christian women.

And Marg has a very unhealthy interest in the clitorises of other women. We would advise women to stay away from Marg. We are also amazed that these kids have managed to get married in Australia at the age of 9 – oh that’s right, we are talking about Marg now and this is Straya.

Marg Lennon

“Hammer Field” is yet another self-appointed “sexpert”. Check out his picture below and you can see why he might lack practical knowledge.

Hammer Field

“Hammer Field” is very excited about “thighing”. So are a lot of the bogots, we’ve noticed.

Nicky Folkes

Failed serial political candidate Nick of course is bursting with tumescent insight. After damning Islam with the charge of chauvinism he then makes a totally chauvinistic observation about women.

Continuing with the burgeoning excitement, he then lovingly describes bending over for terrorists.

Now despite their intense, somewhat obsessive and downright pornographic  interest in what they imagine  the sex lives of Muslims is, bogots cannot help assuming the high moral ground (you know, the one they are never on themselves) when it comes to their opponents. Here’s homespun homophobe Toohey again on motherhood.

Paul Toohey

So what were you fed as a child Paul? Oh wait…don’t tell us!