Asylum Seekers: “Robert Bretton” liar and fraud

An alert poster drew our attention to this picture posted on their friend’s Facebook page.

Robert Bretton lies

What is “disgusting” is firstly that someone would be circulating the lies contained in that shot and secondly that people would be silly enough to believe the lies. Almost 1500 silly people by the looks of things.

So we tracked back the origins of that spurious document and found that someone calling itself   “Robert Bretton” had spammed it to Gumtree, the free Australian Internet classified ad site.

Gumtree ad

To their great credit Gumtree recognised a scam and removed the ads promptly.

However unfortunately the damage had already been done, as can be illustrated by the following comments:

"Robert Bretton" liar and fraud

Ignorant and racist comments for sure, but ignorance fed by the likes of the fraud “Robert Bretton” who is spamming this rubbish in the first place.

This stuff is in the same league as Nigerian finance scams, malicious spyware, fake charities and all of the other Internet rubbish. Governments everywhere treat these scams as criminal offences.

So “Robert Bretton” you are a liar and a fraud and we challenge you to come out and provide evidence for the lies you are peddling on the Internet.


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