Newcastle anti-Asian racists confess – “because they are to stingey (sic). “


There’s a Facebook page called Newcastle Confessions.

To be fair it is not a racist page though it can get racy at times.

However an anonymous deli worker decided to post this confession


Ah yes – another racist too shy to own its racist comments. And then followed a rush of racists all eager to get their 2 cents’ worth in.

Richard  however was not quite so shy.


Mat has a burning desire to live in Asia. We can bet that Asia would not be all that willing to welcome him.

We hope he keeps that in mind next time he heads off to Bali all fired up to exploit the locals.


Here we go, Xenophobic Myths 101


Oh good Bianca, it is clear you need to head out of here since your grasp of English is…umm…


Luke decides to drag in Aboriginal people since he isn’t getting a big enough hard-on from insulting Asians.


One wonders why the 104 had to pull up for this one.

Strangely enough Luke is a foreigner from Queensland. And when he is not getting stuck into Aboriginal people Luke apparently defends the nation at 2CER Enoggera.


We wonder if Luke has bothered to take heed of what the ADF thinks of racism and racists who parade their hatreds on social media.

And we wish that Luke had thought about his missus before he opened his mouth on Facebook. Not to mention the Awabakal and Worimi people he has just rubbished.