Mark Cunnington: Thinks Asylum Seekers Are Terrorists

Mark Cunnington (restraint needed from innuendo) is a person who is required to deal with people from all backgrounds in situations that can often mean life or death. Yes, he is a member of the Northern Territory Emergency Service. You can now be the judge of whether or not this man is mentally stable enough to treat all people in need equally.

Choice quotes from Mark Cunnington, NTES:

“…how do we know these aren’t the people we’ve been fighting?”

“People… attacking innocents with explosives strapped to their bodies.”

“…shouting god is great while punching a red button in his hand.”

“They come here because they know the current policy is a soft touch and they’ve got the money to do it…”

We should put them into third world camps with only the bare necessities hey Mark? Perhaps we should ship YOUR fat arse off to one of those camps and give a genuine refugee your place in this country.

Thanks for your comments Mark. You’ve proved yourself to be as fear-driven and misguided as these people: