Ex-cricketer’s anti-Muslim Tweet

We are all used to the bogot losers’ ignorant and vile comments which we regularly feature here.

But in a fortnight which saw anti-gay comments by former tennis great Margaret Court pilloried by most of the community and the media we expect better from other retired sports greats.

Not so. Retired cricketer Rodney Hogg gets his little dig in on Twitter.

Rodney Hogg anti-Muslim comment

Do us a favour, former sports stars. For the sake of Australia, unless you are talking about your sport or wish to add positively to social cohesion in Australia.


Margaret, you should have stuck to tennis…

Many years ago Margaret Court was a halfway-decent tennis player with an illustrious career in the sport. Probably her only close rival ever in international women’s tennis would be current US star Serena Williams.

Unfortunately Court’s career since retiring from tennis has been less than illustrious. It has lately consisted of using her Christian ministry in an obscure Pentecostal sect to push unproven and debunked anti-gay so-called “conversion therapies”, treatments which consist largely of bullying and psychological manipulation similar to the brain-washing tactics used in torture.

Such “treatments” end up with many of the victims in sham marriages, distressing and cruel for the victims, and with the creation of new victims in the form of the partners and the children of such unions. Statistics from the Family Court on the success of these “marriages” would probably be truly enlightening if they were available.

How sad to see a once-great athlete and sports role model for women descend into advocacy for quack psychological theories and the expression of public bigotry.


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