SMH: Stay in touch … With an extreme Christmas Party

Stay in touch

December 7, 2012

Peter Munro and Shelly Horton

‘Our culture is better than the Muslim culture” … Nick Folkes of the Australian Protectionist Party. Photo: James Alcock

WHEN right-wing extremists gather for an end-of-year knees-up, it’s BYO food and bile. Or as the online invitation reads: ”Please bring some nibbles.”

The Australian Protectionist Party wants people to roll up for ”a few Xmas drinks and cheer” at the December meeting of the Ironbark Social Club, which bills itself as ”a friendly monthly get together where Conservatives, Nationalists, Constitutionalists, Anthropogenic climate change sceptics and Australians concerned about where this country is headed can discuss issues of concern in a PC-free environment”.

Such friendly gatherings have previously railed against ”terrorists in the guise of refugees”, ”illegal” asylum seekers and the ”great global warming swindle”. Sounds friendly as hell. The contact for interested party-goers is Nick Folkes, pictured, an industrial painter from Rozelle who has previously stood as a candidate for the far-right Protectionist Party, chasing the xenophobic vote with gusto. Folkes has preached that Leichhardt Council be declared a ”sharia-free zone” and that the council scrap grants to multicultural groups. ”Our culture is better than the Muslim culture, it is better than the African culture,” he said this year about migrants. ”At the end of the day, why did they come here? There must be something wrong with their culture.” Well something is wrong here, but we suspect the source is more likely to be found among the ”like-minded people” of the Ironbark Social Club.


Contact or 92822029 or on Twitter @mrpetermunro




Niqi and the 36 Votes

It was the night before the crucial ballot. The troops were rallied. You can see how Nick’s fans can barely contain their excitement.

Nicky's friends

The rallying cry must have worked! A couple of days after the close of polls with around 75% of the votes in Niqi’s ward counted he had powered up to an awesome 36 votes!


36 votes

Meanwhile, deluded artist and fellow Burqa Kohlition segment Sergio Redegalli over in Marrickville managed 70 votes. Well, he was handing out free oranges.

Maybe he should have worn the burqa.

Sergio Redegalli

Sergio fail

Islamophobe Nathan Smith, last seen leading the charge in the Wallsend area against the proposed Elermore Vale mosque, has magically appeared in Forbes, where he managed to scratch up 216 215 votes, obviously from country people who have no idea how shonky the APP is.

Pity they spotted the artfully disguised Woolies’ petrol docket…

Here’s Nafe’s thoughtful views on asylum seekers. Wouldn’t you think the people of Forbes would really need such a deep political thinker?


And we just found this in our archives. We are sure the people of Forbes will be impressed.

Sadly however it appears Nathan will not be taking a seat in the Forbes Town Hall any time soon, since he failed to reach quota.

Nafe thinking trying to move his brain about his political options

The Outcome

Laughing stock


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