“…watch out if I c (sic) one today… I’ll kill u (sic)…”

While this bloke gets our sympathy for being evicted (although ‘coz we have kids’ seems like it’s not the complete story/reason for eviction), there’s no excusing the very public threat of killing ‘sooty ppl’ who come over on ‘there (sic)’ boats and automatically get a house, car and job.

They bloody well don’t and anyone that continues to believe that crap has rocks in their (note correct spelling of ‘their’) head.

“Gays should be shot really”

Cynthia has nothing to worry about. Because of her allegiance to God, she won’t ever become terminally ill and thus won’t need a blood transfusion. If she does, well, that’s just going to be awkward.

True-Blue Aussie Wants To Harvest Refugees For Their Organs

Dear sir/madam,

I know we’ve had limited email correspondence in the past about the removal of my details, and I’ve realised that I came across as a complete pillock. For that I apologise, and hope you will continue reading past this point.

If I’m to be completely honest, I regret ever posting that comment since it has caused a lot of problems for me, including getting turned down recently for a job because of it. I’ve now unfortunately realised the real life consequences of posting idiotic things in public forums, and will definitely not be doing it again at any point in the future.

Chris Likes Snapping Indians’ Necks

No reason given whatsoever as to why Chris wants to snap Indian people’s necks other than they ‘aint (sic) got no (sic) fucken ballls (sic)’.

Is this our way of life, Jason? Breaking people’s necks because of their skin colour? If that’s the case there would be very few people willing to respect the Aussie way of life.

Of course, we know this isn’t the Aussie way of life, it’s just the only way of life known to people like Jason, Chris, Andy and Andrew.