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Heathen Scripture

Australia. Don’t fucking ruin it for everyone. Sometime in the next couple of days you are all going to do that weird dance with the little cardboard houses and the scrawling of runes on scrolls, and like a magical phoenix sewn from boredom and Windsor knots, a new government will be formed. According to what I’ve read in the newspapers owned by one guy, and seen in the polling of people his age who still have hand-cranked telephones, enough of you are going to vote for Liberal or National candidates that Tony Abbott will be installed as Prime Minister.

What I really, really wonder is whether you’ve thought this through.

If you are planning to vote Coalition, I’d love you to actually read the following and think about it, rather than scrolling straight to the comments for a pre-emptive gloat. Because your choice would be a very poor one, for…

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Australia’s political heartland: hate, fear, prejudice

By ABC’s Jonathan Green

Posted Thu Jun 6, 2013 7:59am AEST

The great Australian shame is that not only are there votes to be had in hate, fear and prejudice, but that this is the heartland in which our political game is lost and won, writes Jonathan Green.


So where does it come from, this simultaneous sense of shame and licence over racism in this country?

Our twin capacity to tolerate a political discussion that fixes on stopping the boats and Aussie jobs while generating storms of righteous indignation over high-profile instances of racial abuse and denigration?

In all the suddenly inward looking wonder since a single hurled syllable from an irate 13-year-old set off this latest pricking of the national racial conscience, the role of our leaders has been all but ignored, the critical mood set by those who would guide, inform and govern us.

How can we be so detached from what is one of the ugly realities of Australian democracy: that there are votes in a subtle dog whistle to racist sentiment, that an appeal to xenophobia or worse is at the very core of some our most significant and constant national discussions.

What else is at the heart of the bipartisan embrace of our cold-hearted policy aimed at resisting the arrival of refugees from war, hunger, poverty, oppression and simple fear? Policy that masks an appeal to a suburban distaste for an imagined invading mass of ‘others’ with pious mouthings over the safety of lives at sea and noble distaste for the ‘evil trade’ of people smugglers.

We value the assumed order, dignity and righteous process of ‘the queue’.

We honour the now timeworn maxim: “we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come”. But surely we also sense the darker truth at the heart of this discussion: that there are votes in pandering to xenophobia and outright racist loathing and fear.

It’s the sentiment that lies in the populist pit Kevin Rudd feared when he warned of a “race to the bottom” in refugee policy. This issue in our politics is a comprehensive failure of vision, execution and communication … and has been prosecuted with an eye not to the realities of global human movement, but against the prejudices of a populist rump, voters whose preconceptions of asylum seekers as disease-laden, terror-tainted, queue jumpers have been pandered to by successive administrations.

Why? Because it has been a political convenience to do so.

Watch the recent parliamentary rhetoric, from Coalition spokesman Scott Morrison who railed against the ASIO “light touch” that has allowed the ready egress of boat-borne ‘jihadists’, to Werriwa MP Laurie Ferguson who challenged the PM on Tuesday to make plainer the ALP strategy for arresting the flow of refugees.

Without more sound and fury waged against the tide of boats and their fearsome cargo, the ALP would be ‘dead’ in western Sydney, clearly the heartland of national concern over questions of orderly migration.

And all of this dark heat around an issue that is essentially a fabrication created for purely political purpose. The trickle of boat-borne arrivals does not by any objective international measure constitute a crisis. What it does constitute is an opportunity to rake fear in a sometimes xenophobic and insular public.

And it’s not just in migration that exploiting a sense of racial disquiet can be a political positive.

What else other than a subtle racist underlay could have enabled the quickly imposed apartheid of the NT intervention, policy at first carried out by our armed forces under the cover of a suspended race discrimination act and that years later still leaves citizens innocent of any offence other than their race with limited control over their own income and the most mundane details of their daily life.

We should think on this when we wonder how it is that somehow, weirdly, inexplicably, racism seems so ever present, such a purulent constant under a thin scab of well-cultivated, sometimes cynical, civility.

And it is of course too quick and easy to blame our politicians for the populism that uses the community’s darker instincts as an easy path to votes.

Politics is nothing if not a mirror of the society it serves … that it, in every sense, represents. We provide the clay they work with.

If there wasn’t a vote in hate, fear and prejudice then there would be no gain in pandering to any of them. The great Australian shame is that not only are there votes to be had here, but that this is the heartland in which our political game is lost and won.

The likes of Eddie McGuire aren’t even a pimple on its backside … and in many ways the star chambers that assemble around these public transgressions just blind us to the greater reality of a public whose blind-peeping anxieties breed an agenda that turns that suburban fear to populist political profit.

Jonathan Green is the presenter of Sunday Extra on Radio National and a former editor of The Drum. 


Head hunter abuses Wendy Harmer on Twitter


  • By Kristin Shorten
  • March 26, 2013 12:27PM
  • Aussie exec calls author ugly on Twitter
  • Joe Waddington says he is ashamed of his tweets
  • The recruiter says his tweets border on trolling

AN AUSTRALIAN executive head hunter has been forced to delete abusive tweets after telling Wendy

Author Wendy Harmer

Harmer she is “F***ing ugly” on Twitter.

Joe Waddington, managing partner of Chamberlain Executive, used the social networking site on Friday to tell the writer, radio show host and comedienne that “there’s a thing called plastic surgery”.

@wendy_harmer F***cking ugly too” he tweeted on March 22.

“I don’t accept that argument, there’s a thing called plastic surgery,” he then replied to another tweet.

Waddington, whose Twitter account links to his company website, later deleted the tweets.

The Brisbane-based recruitment manager said he tweeted the comments while having a few drinks after a barbecue with mates and must have had “a rush of blood to the head”.”It was a disgusting thing to say. It was just awful. Now I’m deeply ashamed about that,” he said.

“To be perfectly honest with you, I was a bit drunk.

“I really think I should (apologise). I’ve just been too embarrassed quite frankly.

“If given the opportunity I would give my unreserved apology for a comment that was crass and unforgivable.”

Harmer said she had been “astonished more than anything”.

“It’s remarkable. How can you expect to be well regarded professionally and carry on like that?” she said.

“Most of the trolls that are on Twitter don’t identify themselves and you find out they are 15-year-old boys, not company executives.

“The other weird thing about it is that anyone who knows me would know that I’ve had extensive plastic surgery and advocate on behalf of Interplast for kids in developing countries who require plastic surgery but he’s not even smart enough to work that out.”

Picture: Twitter

Harmer said she and others had sent complaints to Waddington’s website but were yet to receive a response.

However Waddington, who works in the financial services sector, said he and his partner ran the company – and the website – themselves.

“Joe is personally involved in ensuring the successful delivery of executive recruitment assignments and strategic consulting for a variety of clients, whilst also offering an ongoing career management service to individuals,” the site says.

Waddington, who uses social media to insult public figures, told that his behaviour bordered on trolling.

“Yeah it probably does (border on trolling) quite frankly,” he said.

“Am I concerned about it? I suppose in a small way but it happens to me.”

Picture: Twitter

Mr Waddington said that while he regretted his tweets about Harmer, he is unapologetic about calling Prime Minister Julia Gillard “fat guts” and a “lying heifer” with a “big fat yapper”.

On March 16 he tweeted “BREAKING: Australian scientists have developed the world’s first ‘mass contraceptive device’…pictures of @JuliaGillard in every bedroom.”

“Don’t forget I’m not the only one (who tweets about Gillard),” he told

“If you go through tweets I think you’ll find there a lot more comments made about Ms Gillard than mine. “I think mine border on the mild.”

He has also labelled Labor Minister Greg Combet a “buffoon”, said Kevin Rudd had the “gonads of a pre-pubescent” and uses expletives to describe Treasurer Wayne Swan.

Picture: Twitter

He recently tweeted that Senator Stephen Conroy should be “sent straight to a psychiatric ward and sectioned”.

“I absolutely am anti-Labor,” he said.

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion I believe. I’m not going to hide behind a nom de plume.

“That’s really how I feel about this atrocious Labor government and quite frankly I’ll stand by (the tweets).”

The HR specialist said he was not worried about how his public comments reflected on his business.

Picture: Twitter

“If organisations take offense (sic) to what I write and my politics that’s their right and there are thousands of other recruitment companies they can use,” he said.

“Some executives are in positions and running organisations that will impact on a political basis so then of course they have to be very diplomatic and that’s understandable.

“I think it just depends on circumstances.”

He also rejected that he would look unfavourably at job candidates who Tweeted expletives, insults or abuse.

“I don’t look at candidate’s tweets and that sort of thing,” he said.

“A candidate will stand on their employment record and that’s the criteria I look at.

“If they have embarrassing photos on Facebook that’s their personal business. Obviously it would depend to a certain degree on the role they’re applying for but that should not impact on their employability.”


Mr Waddington tweeted an apology.

“@wendy_harmer Dear Ms Harmer, I would like to offer my unreserved apology for the unforgivable comments I made on Saturday,” said the first tweet.

“@wendy_harmer  I am thoroughly ashamed for the crass comments I made. It would perfectly understandable if you ignored any apology.”

Harmer responded at 4.30pm.

“Thanks @exec_hunter. Let’s that be the end of it, between us at least… now how about them Broncos?”

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As The Age saw it


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Misogyny and equilibrium in the market for ideas

Did Aboriginals Deserve an Apology? – “This is not a racist page”



Kevin Rudd apologised as Prime Minister at the time on behalf of the government and people of Australia. Whether he was around during the period of the Stolen Generations or not is irrelevant.


Indigenous reactions to the Apology were positive. Indigenous people were not concerned whether Rudd had been “around” or not,  just that he was there as Prime Minister representing the government and the nation.


Oh and we know of no Indigenous people, alive or dead, who were or are “grateful” for being snatched away from their families. The anonymous admin of that page must live in another universe!


“He makes white Australians feel uncomfortable”



The Stupidity Award for Facebook Racism has to go to Jarrod Schaub


WRONG you cretin. Indigenous people have lived here for more than 40 000 years.

And guess what fuckwit!  The Chinese had an empire and an advanced civilisation for thousands of years and invented many things we still use but had no glass.



And they were even kind enough to invent the foldable umbrella for Jarrod’s European ancestors who obviously couldn’t manage it themselves.


And it gets better – or worse.

Jarrod is not the end of the dregs there. Take a look at “Mark Whiteman” who likes to grab the profile pics of people who dare to disagree with him and misuse them.

Sound familiar?

It’s something that goes with far right nutzi politics because when they get out in the real world they find their political nutjobbery has nothing to offer.

It is much easier for them to bully and intimidate young Aboriginal women for instance.



We are fairly sure that the real owner of that picture, State of Michigan political analyst Marlon Brown, who is an African-American albino, would not be too impressed by knowing that a white supremacist was misusing his photograph.

We know where to contact Marlon and we’ll be letting him know.

Joining “Mark” for some tag team bullying action is Chris Smith.



Yeah we know that Chris. You have quite a track record.

Chris Smith 1

This might have been at the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown where him and his motley crew like to hang out despite all the gay leftie greenies who are thick on the ground in that part of Sydney.

Chris has been in the neo-Nazi scene for a long time with a bunch of fellow fantasists called Volksfront.  That is, when he’s not fronting the beak at Penrith Court.

So is Did Aboriginals Deserve an Apology? a racist page?

Oh yes indeed!


Slackbastard blog is a mine of information on far right fringe groups and their antics

Law and Order: Not-so-special-victims

Ron Munro Publicly Calls for Killing of Prime Minister

“Truly, she needs shooting.”

By the way, this came courtesy of Andrew Bolt’s blog. He has deemed it appropriate for publication.

More from Ron

Ron Munro Facebook

Note that Wonnie is a proud supporter of the ragtag street thugs calling themselves the ADL.

Ron Munro

Wonnie wasn’t too happy with our previous Prime Minister either

Ron Munro

Fortunately for Australia the ADF (specifically the RAAF Airfield Defence Guard) have rid themselves of Wonnie but you can report threats to Commonwealth officials (including politicians) via this Australian Federal Police form.

White myth-making and a State of Denial


By Gary Foley, April 4, 2012

Members of the audience at Federation Square turn their backs on Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson after the national apology. (AAP IMAGE/JULIAN SMITH)

NATIONAL: White Australia must first develop a greater awareness of the issues confronting Aboriginal Australia before we can advance, writes GARY FOLEY*.

White Australia has a Black History, but it also has a long history of denial of that fact.

It also has an extensive track record of carefully constructing and reinforcing its own mythologies that help to maintain its denialism.

But we don’t really have to go far back into history to gain an understanding of how white Australia creates and embeds its own mythologies, we have examples happening around us right here and now.

A classic example of a current myth in the process of being assembled and propagated can be seen in the description of events at the Aboriginal Embassy on January 26th this year as a ‘riot’.

It should come as no surprise that the commercial media should enthusiastically embrace this inaccurate description, but even the once respected ABC News has now taken to using this term on every occasion the events of January 26th are mentioned in its news bulletins.

Yet eyewitness reports and even the television footage of that day are clear evidence that suggestions that there was some sort of Aboriginal ‘riot’ are pure fantasy.

But White Australian ‘journalists’ appear determined to maintain the lie that what happened was our Prime Minister was under grave threat from some sort of Aboriginal riot.

However, it is obvious from the television images that the only threat to Julia Gillard that day was from paranoid, over-zealous police officers manhandling her in a most undignified way.

And was that a smile I saw on Gillard’s face as I saw her being closely cuddled by that large and manly police officer?

That otherwise seemingly intelligent purveyors of information can so blatantly misrepresent what the television images clearly show is a remarkable illustration of a myth in the process of being constructed.

It should prompt us to think about other recent examples of myths that have now become embedded as part of the continuing denialism that pervades Australians perceptions of themselves and us.

Two of the worst examples that immediately spring to mind are the myth that the Mabo Decision of the High Court in 1992 and the subsequent Native Title Act 1993 gave “land justice” to Aboriginal people, and that Kevin Rudd has apologised to the Aboriginal people.

Australians like to cite these two ‘facts’ as evidence that this nation has progressive policies in relation to Aboriginal people.

When the Native Title Act (NTA) was passed in Parliament it was hailed as a great moment for Aboriginal Australia (amid the clinking of champagne glasses) by the then Prime Minister Paul Keating and his retinue of Aboriginal “advisors” who had “negotiated” the deal with him (key ones being Marcia Langton, Noel Pearson and Pat Dodson).

Noel Pearson was particularly effusive of the Act back in 1993, after all he was one of its main creators, but by February 2010 he had done a double back-flip now describing the NTA as “a travesty and a quagmire” as he accused the judicial system of “failing to serve Indigenous Australians”.

This about-face by Pearson was possibly because he had finally come to realise what Michael Mansell and I had said in 1993, which was that the Native Title Act was a fraud and a farce and certainly did not give land justice to Aboriginal Australians.

Yet most Australians cling to the belief that their country had resolved Aboriginal claims for land and sovereignty through the passing of the Native Title Act in 1993. This is white Australian myth-making and denialism of a high order.

Then we have the famous “apology” by Kevin Rudd in 2008.

This is already firmly embedded in white mythology as “Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Aboriginal people” and is viewed (at least by ALL in the mainstream media) as a cathartic event that has now absolved White Australia for past misdeeds and was therefore an important step towards an intangible creature called “reconciliation”.

These notions belie the truth. The fact is that Kevin Rudd did not apologise to the “Aboriginal people”, but rather to a small segment of the Aboriginal community known as the “Stolen Generations”.

This may well have been good news for those who were of the Stolen Generations, but Rudd’s intricately constructed and carefully worded apology deftly avoided apologising to ALL Aboriginal peoples.

But that didn’t matter because Canberra’s spin-doctors and the Parliamentary Press Gallery instantly misconstrued it into a general apology and that was that.

We now again have the ABC news service repeating this myth on a daily basis, and the not so subtle falsification of history continues unchallenged.

But as most Aboriginal people know, the apology ultimately served the purpose of appeasing the guilt of White Australia, rather than bringing about any meaningful change in the circumstances of most Black Australians.

What we are seeing happening around us is a perfect example of how myths are manufactured and embedded in a society’s sub-consciousness through mass media, government propaganda and the education system and then become accepted “truths” of history.

This is why it is so important for Aboriginal people and their genuine white supporters to remain ever vigilant to the lies and distortions that creep into mainstream society’s perceptions of itself.

If we too get sucked in by some of the white-mans mythology we can become our own worst enemies.

It is only through an informed, rational and intelligent public debate that we can really counter some of the dangerous myths that are being created in our midst.

And we can only have such a debate when all Australians have a greater awareness of the real situation that confronts Aboriginal peoples and when they are able to see through many of the lies that currently constitute Australian ‘history’.

Can this ever happen? I am not sure, but somehow I doubt it.

* Gary Foley has over the past 40 years been an activist, actor, academic, arts bureaucrat, museum curator and writer, and today describes himself as an “elderly anarchist agitator”, as well as being a historian and lecturer at Victoria University. Gary is currently completing a PhD in History at the University of Melbourne.


Hitler: Australia’s Preferred Prime Minister

Despite mass media often denying that there are KKK and neo-Nazi remnants in Australia, we constantly find very public evidence of it.

And it seems that the kind of people shown above generally don’t like Kevin Rudd because of his immigration policies. John Howard accepted more immigrants per year into Australia than ‘Krudd’, but this fun fact is widely ignored.

Funny how these people find that accepting immigrants into our society is more detrimental than violently abusing, threatening and killing people based on their country of origin.

Below are just a handful of some of the members of the (above) group):