Can’t You Take A Joke?

Isn’t it interesting to listen to people defend their right to tell racist jokes? If someone gets offended, they obviously can’t take a joke. Right?

The person telling the joke might not get it, but if it offends just one person, well it’s already crossed the line.

Sure… In a perfect society, everybody would have high self esteem and not have to deal with any social issues regarding vilification or discrimination. And they might have more of a capacity to laugh at a joke that’s made at their expense. But we don’t. And the sad fact is that if it wasn’t for the types of people telling these jokes constantly excusing vilification on the grounds of race, gender and sexuality, we might have a more tolerant society where people who oppose the dominant culture actually feel comfortable in joining it.

On a side note, it would be interesting to ask a guy who only shows his eyes what he thinks of the burqa…