Justin Honeywill – $2 hero

Kiddie bogot Justin Honeywill always seems to be angry. He was angry when TAB featured him last time. Nothing seems to have changed.

One reason he is angry is because he doesn’t look like his idol, American illusionist Criss Angel.

Justin idolises Criss so much he made a profile at another site using his picture.

We pixellated Criss’s face because we are fairly sure as a proud Greek-American he does not wish to be associated with a bogot like Justin.

Justin as Criss Angel

Criss looks pretty cool, and we suspect Justin does not. That’s why he has to make public appearances in a patriotic niqab of some sort, wearing paintball clobber and desperately trying to look like a hard-arsed Special Forces dude.

Note the $2 shop wristbands. The ones he nicked from his 4 year old sister. Good to see Justin is trying to get a colour-co-ordination thing going. That is important for the fashion-conscious bigoted white nationalist.

Justin Honeywill

Justin is aware of the power of the written word and likes to exercise this with  manifestos spammed to a variety of Aussie pride and racist Facebook pages.

Yeah Justin we know you are a “crazy bolke (sic)”. We just read the manifesto.

Justin Honeywill rant

Justin also belongs to neo-Nazi playgroup street group Southern Cross Soliders Soldiers, along with a handful of other “crazy bolkes (sic)”. However despite his admiration for Criss Angel, Justin still likes to show his manly independence with a rousing “FUCK USA”.

Justin Honeywill SCS

What Is a ‘Go Home’? And Where Can I Get One?

Oh damn this is so confusing.

Either Joshiie is talking about a guy called Arab who has a ‘go home’ – whatever that is… Or he is talking about how Arab IS a ‘go home’.

Apostrophes are so damn challenging when there’s more than use for them.

Thank goodness there are people like Justin Honeywill though. There’s nothing like spreading the message of interracial love. Yes Justin, having sex with non-white people is just as satisfying. Good on you for being so open about it.