Racist Jokes by Amy Marie Collin and Dylan Page

Watched ‘Can of Worms’ last night. Apparently, according to some twat of a comedian called Matt (someone), Layne Beachley and leader of the Fuckhead Party, Bob Katter, it’s always acceptable to tell racist jokes. In fact, it is their opinion, and the opinion of several of the members of the audience, and the majority of the people polled by Roy Morgan for the show that it if we didn’t crack racist jokes, we would become a ‘humourless society’.




These idiots talk as though racist jokes are the ONLY jokes. Racist jokes make up about 5% of the comedic gold that we see on TV shows and at the stand up gigs.


Racist jokes have NO use in our society other than to perpetuate negative stereotypes and to excuse ‘sneaky’ racism – which is much easier to accept – isn’t it?

Owen Wills Hates Non-Whites and Muslims, But Loves Wu-Tang… And Hitler… WTF?

Hitler for Prime Minister? 14/88? Put anyone who isn’t white on the moon? Muslims are only from foreign countries and blow people up? Black people are subhuman criminals?