“Ace” Fre: Pet Defective

It isn’t often that we come across someone so on top of the game as Facebook hate sites fan-girl “Ele Fre”.

Elessa Freelingos Pet Defective

Using only her mad Internetz skillz “Ele Fre” has managed to track down a number of truly alarming people.

Why are they dreadful? What laws have they broken.

Well um let me see…here are the unwritten laws of the racists and bigots as handed down presumably by someone looking like Charlton Heston.


1. Thou shalt not support the human rights of people.
2. Thou shalt not object when some knob jockey starts up a hate group or posts hate speech. Only hate speech is free speech.
3. Thou shalt receive death threats to thyself, thy children and damage to thy property in silence.
4. Remember that the 10% of the Australian population identified as holding racist and bigoted views represent the whole of the Australian population. (Mathematically unfeasible? Factually deficient? Nah, it’s how the 10% feel that counts).
5. Thou shalt not worship gods other than Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Islamophobe websites, e mail rumours from the US, teh_flag, teh_constitution…get the picture thou Marxist Greenie lesbian faggot dole-bludging gay race traitor cowards.
6. Keep Straya white…woops


Anyway I think you get the picture. So let’s take a closer look at “Ele” who likes to expose these wicked law-breaking people.

stupid ele fre

Ele Fre social media consultant and Batty share a tender intimate moment.

What a terrible crime! Running anti-racist pages! What is Straya coming to! Arrest them now! Report ! Report !

Ele Fre employment expert

Ele Fre employment consultant uses her highly developed people skills to pigeon-hole someone whom she has never met in order to vilify a whole group of other people. It’s a good thing Ele’s Greek ancestors had the foresight to arrive here before Ele was born.

Ele Fre legal expert

Ele Fre legal expert discusses a recent court case with fellow mentalists Beryl Bedsheet, last seen making an idiot of herself in a grubby bit of bed linen at Bankstown Square and Shane, a fashionista.

Oh did we tell you, Ele is also a real estate expert? She really knows the Campbelltown area, but that’s not all.

More on that later.

How can we possibly classify all of the factual information contained in this rant? Especially the one where she implies that TAB wear burqas. How can they when they are all hugging trees and having gay sex with them?

Now Ele we really should talk about Phoenix Arizona. We are sure you might be able to soothe your restless troubled mind by moving over there. After all it is one of the most immigrant-intolerant states in the US and the neighbourhood where you have your new investment property is…wait for it…87% WHITE

Do us and the rest of Australia a favour and take Batty and the rest of the freak show you hang out with as well.

The Threat of Violent Extremism in Australia

We read a lot about extremism and why we don’t want it in our country.  No one can argue with that – we certainly don’t want to be harbouring violent extremists in Australia.  We don’t want people here who will threaten or incite violence, or those who would seek to destroy the peace in our great southern land.

Home-grown extremism is perhaps even more baffling.  Seeing what we have in this country – and how well it works – makes it hard to understand why anyone would want to threaten it.

Unfortunately, the wannabe perpetrators get far too little attention in the media – unless it’s the fervent, moronic ramblings of one Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, whose ideals are despised and condemned far and wide.  But there are other nutbags in our midst who remain largely ignored in the media, and who, in far greater numbers, pose a threat to our nation.

So let’s take a moment, steel ourselves, and have a closer look at the nutbags who seek to bring violence and extremism to our shores.

Anna, you seem to feel strongly about animal rights, and that’s a good thing.  But it doesn’t excuse acting like a rabid animal yourself.

Fuck you, Jade.  The majority of Australians aren’t looking to butcher people, and how dare you tarnish the rest of us with your idiocy.

Amazing how many cretins have come out of the woodwork following the mauling death of a four year old child.  Takes a real fucking hero to make a joke out of that, doesn’t it Nathan?

Anti-discrimination legislation says otherwise.

Felix needs a dictionary.  Classy?  Easy going?  WTF?

You’re right Diane, you shouldn’t say it.  We don’t want to hear about the sick fantasies of people who want a war on our soil.

To each and every one of the arseholes above wishing violence to be perpetrated against others…  Australia doesn’t need your murderous, idiotic, braindead psychobabble.  You are all as disgusting as any other extremist out there, and we wholeheartedly condemn what you say and what you stand for.  You sick, twisted fucks.



Things Bogots Say

And now for something completely different…

A TAB supporter made a fortuitous typo in a comment – he/she typed “bogot” instead of “bigot” but we rather liked it since it combined “bogan” with “bigot”.

Not all bogans are bigots of course, but these bogots certainly are. So settle back and enjoy these selections from the wonderfully bizarre world of the xenophobe.

First, some gems of wisdom from everyone’s favourite barking mad group admin.


Unlike Batty who does sit in front of the computer all day in its ceaseless mission to purge Straya of those dastardly covered-up Muslamics.

Batty demographics

Now here Batty dips its tentacles into the rich waters of sociology and politics and declaims that we are now a Demographic [sic] society. We are sure the people who run opinion polls will be glad to hear that since it will save them a lot of work. No more of those damned dependent variables to account for. Just ask Batty.


What, only one woman was supposed to cover up? So can we assume the rest of the women were cavorting around the Mediterranean naked? Must have been a hot time in the Holy Land. We doubt that Fred Nile would approve.

Not only that but 700 years puts us slap bang into the 14th Century – you know, medieval times? No Jesus, no Mohammed – both long dead – unless Batty has some arcane knowledge of the past which the rest of us do not possess?

Mardi Grath? Sounds like yet another one of those festivals from the Battyverse, presumably involving all those naked Mediterranean women. We assume Queen Faggot was a monarch of the time. Or something.

Moving along reluctantly from the Battyverse we come to Alan Jones.

No, not the real Alan Jones though he wouldn’t be out of place in this bunch of bogots. This lad not only has nicked his name but has a picture of deceased demented gun-lover and Hollywood he-man Charlton Heston for his profile pic. Apparently that is meant to distract us from the likelihood that he is actually a 14 year old boy with terminal acne and a fondness for frenzied sausage stroking.

Alan Jones

Well sonny maybe if you updated your sound card drivers, cleaned out the pop-ups from all that porn you download and saw the doctor about your auditory hallucinations things might improve. It is fascinating to see too that “Alan” believes that the “islamics” [sic ] (who actually invented modern mathematics and a great deal of modern chemistry among other scientific breakthroughs) are “not very smart” and that there are a whole bunch of “asians” [sic] out there who have nothing better to do than to pretend to be said “islamics” [sic ].


No cavalcade of  the wisdom of the bogotariat would be complete without Batty’s own resident sage Bonnie


Now let’s see if we have this correct – bogans are not right. Well, er, yeah Bonnie. But wait…if we are wearing the right hat that means we will think they are left or right. Right? – (or left). Or ambidextrous.

Maybe we need this.

Sorting Hat

Or strong pain killers.

No examination of the fevered mind of the bogot is complete without some religious knowledge. And Jazz demonstrates she has a profound understanding of Christianity. So much so that it takes a Hindu to correct her.

Religious knowledge

Last but certainly not least we bring you Linda, yet another one of Batty’s resident sages. Linda is a deep thinker on matters spiritual as you can tell. Her speciality is “scraves” [sic]. They sound suspiciously like something Opus Dei might use. No doubt Dan Brown has a book coming out on the topic.


We are glad Linda does not have a problem with “scraves”.

UPDATE: Scrave