Australia, where the game of ‘spot the racist’ gets easier every day.

Australia, where the game of ‘spot the Aussie racist’ gets harder easier every day.

So… how can an Aussie be spotted or picked out from a crowd, anyway?

So, wait… the idea behind this ‘game’ is that just by looking, and just based on any kind of physical appearance… if you have any kind of Asian, Middle Eastern, or southern European heritage, these morons will assume you’re not ‘Aussie’???

No, Belinda.  Most people have better things to do with their time than step out the door and start counting every person they pass – because the likelihood is, the vast majority of them will be AUSTRALIAN.

But wait, there’s more stupidity…

I wonder if Sera Isa Guidette plays this game with her customers as well?

“Im[sic] not racist but…”

That’s funny, at last count I thought there were about 22 million or so Australians kicking about?

Note: If you can’t stretch your brain to even construct a sentence, justf find a way to say something short with “fuck” in it.

It doesn’t seem like Toby Straatman has too much respect for his (apparent) role in the Australian Defence Force…

Alan ‘Felcher’ Tilbrook takes it that one step further and decides that in his fucked up world view, anyone with a certain eye type, anyone dark skinned (does that include Aboriginal people, Alan?), anyone who wears a religious head dress, or is Jewish (how on earth can you tell that by looking at someone?!) or indeed any descendant of our neighbouring New Zealand has to “fuck off back too[sic] were[sic] they came from”.  (Even if they are Australian.)

Quite the poster boy for his multi-national employer, eh?

So, surely this page has to be some kind of sick joke, right?  Isn’t that what they always claim?  It was just for a laugh, don’t be so uptight, etc, etc…

Speaking of sick jokes., and just to sum up the level of brain rot that is festering in groups like this, a message from the page administrator…

Hint: Finding it hard to read any of the text in the screen grabs?

Click on the image and it will open in full.

I’m Not Racist… But… (File #11,364)

A quick summary of this most recent raping of the eyes by insanely stupid racists:

  • I’m not racist but I hate it when Muslim women wear those ‘things on their heads’ and then tell their husbands that females who wear bikinis deserve to be raped. What the fuck? When have you ever been close enough to a conversation between a Muslim woman and her husband to hear such a comment, Karlie? Why must you satisfy our suspicions of your racism by making shit up?
  • We feel hot and we would feel more temperate if Muslim women also felt hot and stripped off;
  • If you don’t like chicks walking around in bikinis then piss off home. Again, what the fuck? When I wear jeans in summer I don’t hate people that wear shorts – it’s got nothing to do with me, it’s a matter of choice;
  • Chicks should show more skin than they already do, and ethnics don’t deserve to be here;
  • Muslim women who wear the hijab are ‘sand creatures’. Aren’t we the superior white race who respect women?
  • Muslim women who wear the hijab should be rounded up and sent home;
  • The male desire for females to wear no clothes in public knows no boundaries – yet we pride ourselves on our respect towards women.

Deep shame at the attitudes displayed above. Nothing else to say.