Australia – Can racism be funny ?


Racism was certainly a subject I had planned to write about in this blog. The recent events around racial comments aimed at Adam Goodes have caused A LOT of debate in Australia, some arguments are very heartfelt and true, some of it.. are rather stupid and unproductive.
I won’t even go into the comments itself, they have been discussed in depth on tv, in newspapers, online, certainly also in homes of many people in Australia.

Both comments were racist without doubt; both comments, I believe, were impulse-driven and thoughtless. No intend to actually harm? Probably. It certainly could be (and was) discussed if  “it wasn’t meant racist” or “I meant the opposite” are a acceptable excuses from a 13yo and from a public personality like Eddie McGuire. 

But what is more saddening is that these comments and the aftermath were triggers to a debate that showed a very UGLY face…

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