Debbie Stavro – “homosexuals who are feral with their sexual activities”

You do of course remember Victoria Police groupie and podium bigot Debbie Stavro.

This week in Victoria the focus is on the International AIDS Conference which brings together scientists and activists from all over the world who are on the front line of fighting this devastating disease.

However oblivious to this and having cleansed Victoria of “efnic crime” Debbie has now cast her gaze towards “teh_geis” as she demonstrates in the following conversation with a couple of Facebook posters:




Then Debbie decides that one of the posters should be chewed over on the basis that he might or might not be an “efnic” not approved of by Debbie.


Well actually Debbie he’s a Pastafarian from Gallifrey who will zap you in an instant with his noodly appendage.

Be afraid!

Do us all a favour Debbie. Catch up with the 21st Century.

Like Victoria Police and its Commissioner have done. Ken Lay is down there at the front of the police contingent in the annual Pride March held in February each year

 Protecting LGBTI people from homophobic bigots like Debbie

Laughing at the Lamington Reich

In the milling maggoty squirmy sludge that makes up the far right, one occasionally catches a glimpse of an older evil amongst all the present-day phobic paranoiacs and yammering identity movements.

Here’s one who gave us a laugh.



Daz obviously gets his political rocks off by lovingly stroking the “Gays are paedophiles” myth.

Everyone knows that’s a furphy, but we’re a bit concerned about old Daz. Obsessive much?


Next to a warm wet homophobic slur coupled with an obsession with child abuse there is nothing your garden variety (as in noxious weed) nutzi likes better than a bit of Asian bashing.

This was in response to a post about Pauline Hanson, the bigots’ friend. The post quoted Hanson’s first speech from 1996 where she paraded the expected pile of rubbish about Asian immigrants.



Daz is very keen to get people from this Facebook group over to Scumfront, the site of choice for racist and bigoted losers everywhere. Perhaps he is hoping for a hot date? Or a bit of the old grooming? Or some Aryan-style family formation?

Happy Nazi family leaves a NY Family Court hearing

Daz even wants to show them dodgy movies. And he will keep banging on about Scumfront.


Having reached in, groped around  and given us a glimpse of his intentions he then gets on with Asian-bashing.


At the 2011 Census 2.4 million Australians or about 12% declared that they had an Asian ancestral background (ABS). This includes people of mixed ethnicity.

Looks like Asians are well and truly here to stay, integrated into the wider society and responsible for a great deal of economic activity.

And looks like Daz and his hero Pauline Hanson have missed that bit.

Now here’s the money shot


We’ve heard this one before where the bigot claims some sort of identity with the object of its hatred. We’re not sure of the mixture involved – maybe his mum was from Roswell and his dad was Reptilian?

That never stopped such blond blue-eyed Aryans Lamingtons like Jim Saleam and Jack Van Tongeren now did it.

100 Real Tweets from Homophobes Who Would Murder Their Gay Child

FlagStorified by Homophobes

On March 12, 2012, the hashtag #ToMyUnbornChild became a trending topic. People used this hashtag to “tweet to” their future child. Here are 100 real tweets from real people — all within 24 hours — saying they would murder their child if he or she was gay.

Presented by @Homophobes, a Twitter account that exposes homophobia.

Gay child 1

Gay child 2

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It’s official – Army chief calls for greater diversity

Diverse ADF

Tony EastleyAM Wednesday February 29 2012

Michael Edwards 08:06:00

TONY EASTLEY: The head of Australia’s army wants to see greater recruitment of women, gays and ethnic minorities into the armed forces.

Lieutenant General David Morrison says the composition of the military should reflect Australia’s changing demographics.

He says the military must adapt or risk missing out on the necessary talent needed to fill its ranks.

Michael Edwards has this report.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: It took a sex scandal, allegedly amongst trainee officers, for politicians to speed up changes to the way the military does things.

The Defence Minister vowed to make the armed forces more tolerant and fairer.

And last night in a speech to the Sydney Institute the Chief of the Army Lieutenant General David Morrison showed he was in lock-step with his minister.

DAVID MORRISON: At the core of our identity is a strong combat culture. We must preserve this because it’s vital to our success.

But we also need to concede that this culture has tended to exclude women and some ethnic groups who are under-represented in our ranks.

This will prove unsustainable with the demographic changes that are occurring in this country over the forthcoming decade.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: At a time when many other militaries are grappling with the issue of homosexuality within their ranks, Lieutenant General Morrison also praised the role of gays and lesbians in Australia’s armed forces.

DAVID MORRISON: Twenty-five, 30 years ago the reaction to people of a different sexual orientation would have been seen as almost insurmountable. And yet now of course it isn’t an issue and nor should it be. And we have many very proud gay and lesbian soldiers, airmen, airwomen, sailors serving in our ADF.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: Last year the ADFA Skype sex scandal generated damaging publicity and led to divisions in the ranks. It sparked a number of inquiries and helped the Defence Minister Stephen Smith to push for all combat roles to be made available to women.

But Lieutenant General Morrison warns a more open military won’t necessarily be a scandal free one.

DAVID MORRISON: I think that a lot of our women are impatient for this and are very appropriately pushing for it to happen. And that’s terrific and we will give them every opportunity to do that.

Will it cancel out and negate any unfortunate incidents in the future? Unlikely. Human nature is human nature, irrespective of whether it’s lived in uniform or without.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: The Army Chief pledged to remove any remaining barriers to women, gays and ethnic groups succeeding in the armed forces.

But those who know military culture says that’s easier said than done.

Dr Ben Wadham is an expert on the military from Flinders University in Adelaide.

BEN WADHAM: Given the fact that it is such a sort of homogenous population we still see things, you know, like the Skype affair for example, or like the gay hate crimes on Facebook in 2010/2011. So it has this ongoing tension between the existing population and, you know, trying to increase that cultural diversity.

It can only put those policies in place and attempt culture change, which is a slower process, to try and achieve that.

TONY EASTLEY: Dr Ben Wadham from Flinders University, Michael Edwards the reporter.


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In defence of family

A Message to the Army

Shooting down the gender thugs

Bogot Family Values

Former ADF Soldier Charged Over Gay-Hate Facebook Page

“When You Put Words in the Public Domain You Will Be Held Responsible.”

Australian Soldier Beats Local Citizens

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Does the Australian Navy need people like Daniel Warn?

Jacob Dunford wants to use asylum seekers for target practice

Fundamentalist Christian warning

Star Online
Staff Writers

Posted on 26 October 2011

Former NSW Christian Democrat MLC and Family First NSW leader Dr Gordon Moyes has warned that Christian Gordon Moyesfundamentalists who want to impose religious laws on society are operating in Australia.

“Dominionism is a new cult, started in USA, but today is present in Australia,” Moyes warned in a recent newsletter.

“Dominionism is not a new denomination. Rather [it is] an interrelated mindset followed by some members of a wide range of extreme fundamentalist and some Pentecostal Protestants.

“Dominionism is a term used to describe the tendency among some politically active conservative Christians to seek influence or control over secular civil government through political action, with the goal of a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of Old Testament law. Their aim is to control ‘the seven mountains’ — the peak bodies of business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, family and religion.

“They take a fundamentalist attitude to many issues and oppose evolution, changing moral standards, university agendas, all other religions, opposing all schools not run by Christians, traditional cultural practices, abortion, homosexuality, the teaching of palaeontology on the dating of the earth, all philosophy, psychology and psychiatry, the United Nations [and] scientific beliefs on climate change.

“Dominionism is a doctrine which demands the total remaking of society to conform with the laws of the Old Testament, and it states that the second coming of Jesus Christ will never occur until ‘God’s kingdom’ is established on earth for a thousand years.”

Moyes warned that there were already around six small organisations in Australia pushing a dominionist agenda.

Moyes wrote that The Sydney Morning Herald had recently run an article in which the three leading dominionists in Australia were named, “none of whom has graduate theological training in Biblical studies but are a retired soldier, an elderly politician and a country dentist”.

“Another is a Melbourne-based self-anointed ‘Apostle’,” Moyes wrote.

The Star Observer understands that the Melbourne-based leader is Pastor Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries, while the three named in the SMH are Australian Christian Lobby managing director Jim Wallace, the Reverend Fred Nile and the National Alliance of Christian Leaders convenor Graham McLennan.

Elsewhere Is the Australian Christian Lobby dominionist?


“No Sex Please We’re Bogots” – Special X rated edition

Bogots spend a lot of time thinking about sex. Probably not much time having it – after all come on now, have you seen them?

But they are very concerned about a range of sexual issues. The first issue which concerns them is homosexuality.

"Jack Stone" and Paul Toohey

Bogots are uncomfortable with homosexuality and often in denial about their own orientation. On the one hand, trawling for supporters for their hate pages as they do (because with them it’s all about size, not quality), they occasionally say things like “i dont care if two fags wanna get married i just hate burqas…” or words to that effect. On the other hand they are very quick to use words like “faggot” and “gay” to demonise their opponents, and when they are not drowning asylum seekers or chesting up for “white Straya” they can often be found frolicking in homophobic groups.

Andy & Donna

Secondly they are very interested in the sex life of Muslims. As far as we know, Muslims have sex just like everyone else on the planet, but not according to the bogotariat.

Ronald Monroe

Pedeophile? A new perversion there Ronnie.

Christopher O' Reilly

For a young bloke Chris certainly seems to know a lot more than he probably should about women’s bits. And “teh_FGM”

Female Genital Mutilation is a grave problem in certain parts of the world. It is certainly not confined to a small number of Muslims who practice it. But very very few Muslims in Australia would be victims.

Property tycoon “Ele Fre”gives us the lowdown on someone called “MOMO”. Scary stuff – “Ele”‘s theological knowledge that is.


Fabric expert Ang Os draws attention to the “gay Muslins” – that’s nice Ang, now we know what fabric is  in for Spring – before going down the predictable scary paedophile path.

In what passes for conversation in one of their covens, several Islamophobes come to grips with their belief that “child marriages” (code for “paedophilia”, their favourite perversion) are rife in the Middle East. Now “Ray G” actually tries to insert some factual evidence into the discussion but is quickly sat upon by the others.

Bonnie Caverly

Bonnie Caverly 2

“Ray G” of course knows as we do that the notorious picture showing young men with small girls is in fact a Muslim wedding, but  the little girls are actually junior bridesmaids. But then again it is not as much fun and not so loin-stirring for the phobes if they are faced with the truth. So after being pointed in the right direction they just keep going on and on. Obsessed much?

Next, Mary Jane for instance wonders about “dirty Muslim men” bringing “child brides” into this country. Never mind that  no one in Australia is allowed to get married before the age of 18 – perhaps Mary lives in another country? In both the state of Georgia in the US and the Republic of Georgia in the Caucuses, both Christian majority jurisdictions, and in Scotland, part of the UK, you can be married long before 18. In  fact you are more likely to find a “child bride” in Bonny Scotland than you are in suburban Sydney.

Convert to Allan

We are rather interested too in this new deity called Allen. Does she mean Alan Jones perhaps? We can assure her unequivocally that Alan Jones is not interested in having a child bride.

Michelle Alexander

Well Michelle, all religions are inherently anti-woman. And we know plenty of non-Muslim men in Australia who are dickheads where women are concerned. Just look at the stats on domestic violence and sexual assault in this country. And sexual predators don’t care whether you are naked or covered from head to foot because sex offences are all about power not sexual attraction.

Now can anybody help Ellen with a copy of the “quarne” (sic). We can’t.

But Steve Clayton has assured her that Muslims are “shirt-lifters” as well as having a perverted fondness for animals. One can only assume that Steve has deep and intimate knowledge of these things. Must be tiring being polyperverse, eh Steve?

Ellen Forrester

Ryan is obviously a serious seeker after truth.

Ryan Leaf

However it is unlikely he will find out though because no sensible woman of any religious persuasion would go near him.

Samantha Mitchell

Samantha thinks that Muslim women are very tiny. We doubt if Muslim women are under anyone’s thumb – certainly no more so than Christian women.

And Marg has a very unhealthy interest in the clitorises of other women. We would advise women to stay away from Marg. We are also amazed that these kids have managed to get married in Australia at the age of 9 – oh that’s right, we are talking about Marg now and this is Straya.

Marg Lennon

“Hammer Field” is yet another self-appointed “sexpert”. Check out his picture below and you can see why he might lack practical knowledge.

Hammer Field

“Hammer Field” is very excited about “thighing”. So are a lot of the bogots, we’ve noticed.

Nicky Folkes

Failed serial political candidate Nick of course is bursting with tumescent insight. After damning Islam with the charge of chauvinism he then makes a totally chauvinistic observation about women.

Continuing with the burgeoning excitement, he then lovingly describes bending over for terrorists.

Now despite their intense, somewhat obsessive and downright pornographic  interest in what they imagine  the sex lives of Muslims is, bogots cannot help assuming the high moral ground (you know, the one they are never on themselves) when it comes to their opponents. Here’s homespun homophobe Toohey again on motherhood.

Paul Toohey

So what were you fed as a child Paul? Oh wait…don’t tell us!