From the Desk of A Racist Homophobe…

The deadbeat circus rolls on through town, and this time it’s led by Jack the stoner who, despite having a skull for a profile picture claims that homosexuals are suffering from a mental illness. He believes that it should be ‘socially acceptable’ to denigrate someone on the basis of their sexuality, possibly because he is desperately lacking in that department, or because he is frightened that people are out there having relations primarily for love and not just for procreation, as his clown car vagina baby bonus collecting female cling-ons tend to be doing.

Enter Paul twenty eight schooners of Tooheys for another appearance at TAB who then wants to limit the vocabulary to anyone who isn’t attracted to the vertical taco, because the word ‘homosexual’ has apparently been ‘allocated to homosexuals. He then makes up a little story about how he has a friend that has a gay friend that he introduces as his gay friend. Yeah right. Don’t lie Paul. You don’t have any friends.

After these comments he sinks another forty seven schooners and then tries to find the keyboard, instead finding a series of random letters and then confidently striking the full stop key at the end, fully believing that he has come up with something coherent and insightful:

“We should stay in tradition with the striper’s wearing habja’s to keep up appearances.”


We weren’t at all surprised to learn of Paul’s self-admitted history of assaulting police officers. But Muslims should respect our laws when they come over here, right?