Christmas Carols are now ‘Anti-Aussie’ Complains Bogan

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Apparently Christmas Carols have been banned and now the only carols that can be sung are ‘anti aussie [sic]’.


Oh wait – here’s a photo of Sandy’s daughter enjoying singing Christmas Carols with her school friends.

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Monday is Punch an Indian Day!

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This page administrated by Kieran O’Rourke of Port Lincoln is supposed to be about selling and swapping Holden auto parts. Instead it is often a hotbed of racism.

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Australian Defence Force eh? Sigh.

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Australia Day Hoax Sparks Anti-Gillard Citizens Misogyny

Well the rumour is doing it’s rounds once again. It usually starts a couple of months out from Australia Day, January 26th. Apparently Julia Gillard is single-handedly going to change the name to ‘Citizens Day’. Apparently. Despite no evidence in the slightest, the bogans pick it up and run with it.

In a month where misogyny has been the hot word, if nothing else there seems to be a sharp increase in it on social media. Sit back and shake your head at the inbred hicks who have joined the page ‘Fuck Julia Gillard’.

Tru Story Bra’

So… If this is a true story Troy, how come you can’t support it with a collection of news articles from a range of media sources? If this really happened in Australia, can you imagine the media and political shitstorm? Carnita Mathews anyone?

Nazis, AntiAntibogans and Protectionist Pathetics Get Off On Each Others’ Bullshit


Anti-Antibogan Mike Allen should love the Government, working for Aussie Solar. But no.

Serial pest/Victorian Nazi Josh Alderton picks up on a hoax that even Andrew Bolt laughs at and runs with it, claiming that Julia Gillard is a lesbian and that her marriage is a sham. Unusual, coming from a man who reportedly only has a relationship with Mrs Palmer and her five daughters.

Here is that hoax about Gillard, as dribbled over by members of the Australian Protectionist Party including repeat-offending angry old fuckwit Paul Toohey:

They’re all made for each other. Pretty gay really.

Morons Catch Onto Latest Hoax Chain Email

Nothing like a stupid chain email to fire up the unintelligent morons, right?

It seems that people are only too happy to forward on complete rubbish without checking the validity of such preposterous claims of mass bannings of Christmas celebrations and our National Anthem – and it is just further proof that the kind of people who hold misconceptions and unjustified hatred are the kind of people for whom evidence, statistics and counter-arguments are irrelevant and ignored.

Christmas isn’t banned in schools, and neither is singing the National Anthem. I don’t know which ‘they’ these morons are referring to, but it doesn’t even matter.