Stop the Penrith mosque sez the nutzis? Too late losers.

Back in September last year the Online Hate Prevention Institute was successful in getting this particular hate page removed.

You can read more about this unlamented hate group here

Despite supposedly being removed, this page has returned to an apparently oblivious Facebook in the form of a Facebook event designed to attract bigots, phobes and other peculiarities to the latest fashion in hate targets – Muslims.


Note how the event creator who goes by the name of Tyler Winchester (or Mark Winchester – obviously cannot decide which) has co-opted a newspaper photograph for a Timeline pic showing hostages from the recent tragic Martin Place siege. Real classy these nutzi extremists.

And it’s not often you see a bunch of Nazis nutzis (or neo-Nazis – no significant difference, all stupid) getting together with “concerned citizens” (i.e. the ones who’d be saying “I’m not racist/bigoted but…”) for a xenophobic love-in. The nutzis as always are desperately seek some sort of normalisation and legitimacy: the CCs are too dumb to realise this.

Now the nutzis like to show their chests to girls… or each other. At least their self-proclaimed leader (too embarrassed to show his face) does.

Even though these aren’t his six-packs.


And they aren’t even white men!




Let’s journey back to the beginning of this saga of bigotry, to a bunch of flyers distributed around the Penrith area and the role of one Councillor Marcus Cornish.

Cornish, a Liberal Party member, stood for Penrith Council in 2012 as an independent when the Libs decided not to endorse candidates. Heath Aston has more here in the SMH including Cornish’s friendship with disendorsed anti-Muslim Liberal candidate David Barker.


This is how the Daily Telegraph saw it on 28th October

On the 4th November the Tele revisited the story and noted that Cornish now had an ally, one Councillor Maurice Girotto. Girotto, it may be noted, is a former member of Australia First.

Ultimately Penrith Council approved the proposed community centre with some restrictions related to noise, hours of opening and traffic, despite a handful of noisy bigots turning up to protest and five letters mainly relating to noise and traffic.

“Anonymous” has an outline on slackbastard’s blog

And good work Penrith Council standing up to bullies, batshit crazies and bigots.

Election special No. 13 – Lib’s plan to microchip suspects by sniper rifle


August 31, 2013

Heath Aston
Political reporter


Liberal candidate for the federal seat of McMahon, Ray King. Photo: Wolter Peeters

A Liberal Party candidate proposed a radical new policing system in which criminal suspects would be injected with satellite-trackable microchips shot from a ”high powered sniper rifle”.

Ray King, who is contesting the western Sydney electorate of McMahon, was behind the idea, which he claimed would improve productivity of the NSW Police Force.

Mr King, a former police commander in Liverpool, landed in hot water on Friday over critical comments he made about burqas at an election campaign function where guests included the disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson and current assistant police commissioner Frank Minnelli.

In 2011, Mr King outlined his ideas in a 12-page essay, Microchipping of human subjects as a productivity enhancement and as a strategic management direction of NSW Police.

The paper was submitted to a police leadership conference shortly before he was promoted from Cabramatta to Liverpool.

”What has limited our effectiveness for decades has been the restriction on how police obtain information and having to prove before courts that we have acquired our information by legitimate means,” he wrote.

”What I propose and will endeavour to convince the reader of, is the implementation of microchip technology similar to that used in controlling the activity of domestic animals, will quantifiably enhance the success of law enforcement.”

The most controversial part of Mr King’s plan was the means by which microchips would be inserted into the body. He named Danish company Empire North as having patented the ”ID Sniper Rifle” as the ”long-distance injector” of the microchip.

But a search for Empire North in Copenhagen suggests the company does not exist and the ID sniper rifle is actually part of a plot of a Danish sci-fi docu-drama called Empire North.

A Liberal source said the essay was a ”futuristic scenario” but, in the Liverpool Champion on March 30, 2011, Mr King raised microchipping as a genuine prospect. ”I’m an advocate for this type of technology,” he said. ”I think we need to explore the use of microchips to help put criminals behind bars.”

with Anthony Brewster


Election special No. 2 – while Abbott just loves mountain women, the Kelly Gang rides again

Yeh ha!

Things are jumping in the lower Blue Mountains and the nearby Penrith area as the election campaign reaches new heights of lunacy.



Now for people with short memories, who is this Jackie Kelly who so arouses the budgie ?


Read more

Heath Aston went on to say

Drafting in Ms Kelly has raised some eyebrows in the party. The Penrith MP was a poster girl for John Howard’s dominance of the outer suburbs during his decade in office but it was also Ms Kelly’s campaign in 2007 that derailed the Howard re-election effort.

The western suburbs of Sydney turned their back on Mr Howard after Ms Kelly’s husband, Gary Clark, and others were caught distributing dodgy pamphlets thanking the ALP, on behalf of an Islamic group that did not exist, for supporting terrorists.

The scandal was credited with preventing any hope of Mr Howard mounting one of his trademark late comebacks and Ms Kelly’s seat of Lindsay fell to Labor on her retirement in the ”Ruddslide” of 2007.

When asked about Ms Kelly’s role in her office, Ms Markus indicated her role was not official. “Jackie is a close friend of mine but I have my campaign staff,” she said before cutting the call short.

Probably a wise move on the part of Louise Markus to dump her bestie if she doesn’t want Macquarie to become the Siege of Glenrowan.

Coalition headwear for Western Sydney campaigns

Now let’s take a look at the notorious and laughably amateurish pamphlet from 2007.


Two of the culprits were Kelly’s husband and incoming Lindsay candidate Karen Chijoff’s husband Greg Chijoff.

And here’s Squadron Leader Kelly’s husband doing his deer-in-the-headlights act after being caught.

What a quality act!

Gary Clark, husband of MP Jackie Kelly, hides behind the pamphlet.

Lateline had the whole unsavoury saga here.

Rail customer service: if you’re Jewish catch a taxi

Heath Aston and Katie Cuttriss

February 12, 2012

8:32AM Sunday Feb 12, 2012


Roman Arnusch

Anti-Semitic spray ... the suspended CityRail employee Roman Arnusch, who was sacked and then reinstated. Photo: Janie Barrett

CHERYL BOGAN couldn’t believe her ears. It wasn’t until the CityRail employee repeated himself in a louder voice that she and her husband, Jeffrey, were sure they were under racist attack by a public servant. The customer service manager at Central Station, no less.

”They’re all Jews living in the eastern suburbs; they’re all wealthy; they can afford to get a taxi,” Roman Arnusch uttered repeatedly, according to the couple.

The Bogans, who are Jewish and live at Bondi, had stepped off a train late at night and asked another CityRail staff member whether trains were still running to Bondi Junction. A ”polite and helpful” Arly Ribet, a subordinate to Mr Arnusch, told them that services had finished and they would need to get a taxi.

It was then that Mr Arnusch, 62, piped up from behind with his observations about Jews, repeating himself up to five times as other passengers got off the train.

Cheryl Bogan

This isn't right... Cheryl Bogan claims she was abused. Photo: Simon Alekna

”I was utterly shocked,” Mrs Bogan told The Sun-Herald. ”You don’t expect to hear that from a staff member of the railways. We sort of looked at each other and said, ‘This isn’t right, we need to say something.”’

Mr Arnusch, who had worked for CityRail for 29 years, was sacked last August, nine months after the Bogans complained in writing to RailCorp.

During investigations, Mr Ribet confirmed that Mr Arnusch used the phrase ”Bondi Jew”. Mr Arnusch maintained he had said words to the effect: ”They wouldn’t mind getting a taxi because they have plenty of money as they were living in Bondi where a lot of rich Jewish people live.” He also claimed the comments were directed to Mr Ribet, not the Bogans.

Last week, however, the Transport Appeals Board overturned the decision and Mr Arnusch, supported by the Rail, Tram and Bus Union, will return to work on March 28 after completing a six-month suspension without pay.

In setting aside the RailCorp decision, Commissioner Inaam Tabbaa said:

”Whether the remark that Mr Arnusch made was in the terms as described by CSA Ribet, or the Bogans or the appellant himself, it was racist, offensive, uncalled for and completely inappropriate, particularly for someone in a customer service position with RailCorp.”

Despite that, the commissioner noted Mr Arnusch’s ”distinguished” career of almost 30 years and glowing references provided. ”Dismissal is extreme in the present circumstances as it would serve to end his working life given his age and field of experience,” she said.

Mrs Bogan said she was satisfied as long as he had ”learnt his lesson”.

At his Hornsby Heights home on Friday, Mr Arnusch said: ”I’m happy with the result and, yes, I am looking forward to going back to work.”

Asked whether he regretted his statements, he said: ”I’m just happy it has all been sorted out now.”