Muckraking the Dead

There has been ongoing concern in the Greater Sydney area about the critical shortage of appropriate sites for additional cemeteries.

Like other faith groups, the Muslim community wants to ensure that its deceased members can be buried respectfully and according to Muslim rites.

However you cannot go very far when the Muslim community raises an issue without falling over various flavours of Islamophobe pretending to be “concerned citizens”.


Sue Guymer, who originated the Facebook petition, is one of these “concerned citizens”. She starts off promisingly enough by discussing the environment, which is the main, perhaps the only relevant issue when there is consideration of whether to permit cemeteries in greenfields areas.

But all is not as it seems for it looks like Sue Guymer is actually “Sue Guymer” complete with Bugs Bunny profile pic and four friends.


And “Sue” is very enthusiastic about this Facebook page.


Nice to see Islamophobia “concerned citizenry” is alive an well in the Greater North-West, complete with misused Eureka flag, posts about supposed events in Afghanistan and a dubious news report about a Muslim cemetery in Texas.

One fails to see the relevance to Sydney cemeteries in 2013, but bogots are strange creatures…

We are also mighty suspicious about “patriotic” “youth” groups misusing the Eureka flag, remembering the laughable Patriotic Youth League, and it seems our suspicions are not wrong – for on the spammy site Topix what do we find but a discussion forum full of neo-Nazi types complete with dumb neo-Nazi nicknames.


The last post is a giggle. After all, has anyone ever seen Australia First?

And for the benefit of the pea-brain who calls itself “Anglo-Saxon-Celtic”, Windsor already has American fast food outlets, service stations and a major highway in the immediate vicinity. A bit late to be worried about “heritage”.


Sue Guymer joined us in the comments section, and here’s what she had to say about those “social and cultural changes

This will just be the start of a New Hawkesbury that will resemble the changes that have taken place in Blacktown, Auburn, Lakemba, Bankstown


No-one wants whats going on in those areas, brought to other areas – including most moderate Muslims. No one wants the bullshit of cronulla or the recent garbage that happened in Sydney.