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Former Canberra Raider Joel Monaghan – bestiality/animal abuse (career highlights)




Racism Justified Using Random ‘News’ Examples?

So you’ve seen it all before. You’re arguing with a racist bigot who hates [insert ethnicity here] people. He says that [insert ethnicity here] people are criminals and are unable to contribute positively to Australian society. What does he do next? That’s right – he Google searches for examples of [insert ethnicity here] crime in Australia. Picks a few and shoves them in your face and says, “See?? I told you they’re all criminals!”.

So how can this ignorant, two-dimensional behaviour be invalidated? Do you bother trying? Technically if he has found an example of [insert ethnicity here] crime, all you really need to do is find an example of [insert ethnicity here] non-crime, ie. an example of an [insert ethnicity here] person who hasn’t committed a crime. Right? That seems logical, as it would debunk the idea that all [insert ethnicity here] people are criminals.

Unfortunately, a lot of media outlets will engage in ethnic profiling, which means that a criminal of non-Anglo appearance will have their ethnicity identified, whereas an Anglo person will have their ethnicity left out of the story. To the unintelligent sensationalism sucker, it gives the impression that only non-Anglos are responsible for crime and inappropriate conduct.

Here is a snapshot of today’s news. One day of news, none of which will even be acknowledged by those who seek the agenda of identifying ethnic crime:

Fresh Sightings of Fugitive Mansell

Child Murder and Perjury

Driving Instructor Escapes Jail After Killing Five

Gunman Escapes After Killing Grandfather

10,000 People ‘Like’ Ray Meagher Rape Dungeon

Family Covers Up Murder of Father

Hit and Run On 65 Year Old

Jogger Raped

Unidentified Men Get Drunk and Fight

Bribery and Prostitution – RBA

Police Investigated Over Mistreatment and Subsequent Death of 50 Year Old Father

While it’s easy to see this as some kind of racism on our part, we’re just making a point. Ten out of eleven criminals are male. Should we deport men from Australia?

People that use random news links to support their racism are fucking stupid.