Open Letter to Glen Stutsel

Dear Glen


We have just read this article at Crikey and were somewhat concerned.

Ragging on the boss on Facebook ‘like a chat at the pub’

We note that you are apparently a Labor supporter, as are many of our friends, a loyal member and delegate of the TWU, again commendable, and that your Facebook activities do not appear to support or promote overtly racist or bigoted groups.

However we were disappointed to see the comments you allegedly made and which were recounted at the Fair Work Australia hearing.

We were also disappointed that the Fair Work Commissioner Michael Roberts can dismiss racism and sexism as “a chat at the pub”. Quite frankly we wouldn’t really want to go to the pub with anyone with those views. One would hope he wouldn’t either given his position.

Stutsel 1

Furthermore, we don’t know if you are aware that you may be legally responsible for some scurrilous comments made by your friends and not removed by you because according to the Crikey report you do not know how to delete comments.

It’s easy Glen. Even kids know how to do it. Just click on the “x” in the corner. Or perhaps you could block and defriend your bogot “mates”?

Unlike the Fair Work Commissioner however, we do not necessarily think that bagging the company (without being slanderous to individuals) is necessarily bad. But we think racism and sexism/misogyny is worse.

So whatever your other issues with Linfox (and we acknowledge that corporates are not exactly always fair to their workers, to say the least) there was no need to add bigotry (the “bacon-hater” remarks) or borderline misogyny to the mix.

Yours sincerely



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