Midnight’s Nutjobs

We thought we’d share this full-blown crazy from tonight with you. He posted this to a months-old blog post exposing a racist soldier.

It is not often we get someone who ticks all the conspiracy theory boxes in one post but this fruitcake manages to do so.



Don’t think he has left anyone out though we are happy to be corrected on that.

BONUS – the late great Billy Thorpe

More Mentally Mild Australians

Sorry, what?

Bart, you can’t really be this stupid. Can you? Where do your sentences end? Where do they begin? What is going on in your slushy brain?? Fags, whinging cunts, metros, people who look gay, people who like pages on Facebook, migrants, Muslims – who is it that you’re hating on and why?

Daniel, you’re not an Aussie. If I saw you in the street, I’d continue playing.

Please outline which aspects of our ‘way off living’ are being changed Daniel. By the way, female Prime Ministers don’t generally have cocks, soft or whatever.

Dyson Security in Tasmania, folks. Feel safe? Give them a call.