“…never fined (sic) a husban (sic)

And we ‘fill’ sorry for the bird that ends up with you, Neil. You live in an outhouse, your hair is a shameful attempt at a Patrick Swayze, your jeans were on special at Lowes, and your genitals have been rendered dormant from years of riding your penis-extension chopper – yeah – the one that you ride around trying to get people to look at you, but only end up with looks of annoyance and utterances of ‘fuck I hate bikies’.

To be honest – the fact that you’re a bikie is irrelevant. It’s completely hypocritical of you to make sweeping generalisations about specific people and their appearance when you look like you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.


Muslims Whinging About Aussie Tradition

Hey Amanda, I have something to say. Your stupidity burns my senses. But your underhandedness at making up a story in order to promote hatred is just abhorrent.

You went to town and just happened to see Muslims ‘windgin’ (sic) about Australian tradition? How did you know they were Muslims? And you were close enough to hear them? Yet you’re not ready to include just what they were saying.

And then you want to whinge about them ‘bringing there (sic) violence, wars’, when these Muslims you see are simply standing there in a shopping centre, not starting any violence or wars.

You then go on to whinge about these Muslims being allowed to walk into a bank fully clothed. How do you usually enter a bank? And if you’re referring to a burqa in a bank, have you ever seen a Muslim wearing a burqa in a bank? And have you ever been in an Australian bank where a female Muslim has robbed it while wearing a burqa?

“i (sic) honestly think that if a musilm (sic) child is allowed to wear there (sic) gear in a class room (sic) because its (sic) there (sic) tradition (sic) well what about ours (sic) its (sic) a tradition for us to wear a hat in side (sic).”

Amanda: Muslim girls don’t even think about wearing the hijab or the burqa until they hit puberty. If you want to wear a hat inside, go nuts. Nobody’s stopping you.

Learn some English, and develop some compassion and decency.