A tale of two sex offenders

TAB is repulsed by sex offenders. All sex offenders are loathesome individuals who probably should in many cases have longer sentences than are currently given.

Particularly offensive are those who offend against children. And most victims are girls, though boys account for a significant and under-reported number of victims.

Most victims know their assailants and are often in relationships of trust with them. Predators rely on this trust to commit their appalling crimes.

These matters are relevant to what TAB tries to do because they deal with justice for victims. Prosecution of sex crimes often lead to injustices because of the difficulties involved in proving non-consent as well as the intricacies of forensic evidence.

Two stories today about sex offenders. Both committed offences against girls who were 12 and 11 respectively at the time of the offences. Both girls knew their attacker. Both accused were found guilty of the offences which is why we can discuss the matters.

One appealed against  the sentence and won a reduction in the sentence, the other has indicated through his barrister that he might appeal against the sentence.

Named offender

Sex offender

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But – can you spot the difference?