Repealing Section 18C – when the platform is not equal then freedom is stifled

Q&A Monday 10 March, 2014
Vilification, Discrimination & Defamation

Professor Marcia Langton made a couple of telling points on Monday night’s Q&A

MARCIA LANGTON: Well, I find it very difficult to agree with your Government’s proposition on this matter, Senator Brandis. One only has to look at, say, the code of behaviour with the NRL or the AFL and, you know, with – if you have your way and you repeal section 18C, the place where people of colour, like myself and unfortunately this is never going to be the case, will feel safe from racial abuse is on an AFL team or in the NRL and everywhere else in society, where there are not such codes of behaviour we’ll be targets. And it’s not true that this, in my opinion, that the simple argument about freedom of speech applies in this case because there is also, I believe, a right of people like myself to feel free from racial discrimination and especially from racial vilification in public speech and publication.

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Nuke the Abos

Dear Aborigines,
After 170+ years of mistreatment at the hands of European settlers in Australia, you no longer have the right to exercise your new-found right to protest because we now give you money and support. By simply being annoyed about our possible next Prime Minister claiming that you had no more objectives to achieve in regards to land rights and equality, you have now lost the respect of the wider Australian people who don’t necessarily have mothers and fathers and grandparents who were raped, dispossessed, taken from their families, denied the right to vote, work and study and told that they were no better than savage animals.

Because you’ve now been shunned by the Australian population for banging on a window and yelling loudly, you now deserve to be placed, with the rest of your people, in the desert while we drop nuclear bombs on you.

We don’t care that it was only 40 or so years ago that you were actually recognised as Australian people and we don’t care that there are still people alive today who may harbour some resentment at the way they or their families were treated. You are no longer allowed to express your frustration, nor are you allowed to demand that our leaders continue to address your needs. What do you think you are? Citizens of a democracy or something??

If you want to understand how to behave like civilised people, just take a look at the rest of the population of Australia. None of us receive Government handouts from Centrelink. None of us are unemployed or uneducated. None of us ever whinge and complain about our political leaders. None of us ever beat on doors and windows in protest over policy discrimination.

You just need to grow up. Oh and yeah, dodge the fuckin’ nukes you fuckin’ coons.

“fuck (sic) towl (sic) heads!!”

Why is always about ‘stink’ when it comes to Indians? So white Aussies don’t sweat? Never smell like rancid B.O? Never drop their guts on the train, or on the couch? Never belch out a winning tune? Some Indians stink like shit and some don’t. It’s no reason to send them all back to their own country, especially when the majority come to our country to study like maniacs and work like machines.

And what’s this about taking our jobs? It’s getting ridiculous. Firstly, if James Harrison wanted to drive a cab, he could quite easily get a job doing so this very week.