The March of the Wee Willies

The Muslim-hating bogotry often get excited for no apparent reason.

Maybe they’ve discovered yet another US hate site. Maybe some tin-pot Eurofash has somehow circumvented our anti-terrorism laws and is about to visit. Maybe there’s another Photoshopped horror pic to gasp over. Maybe they’ve discovered that the whole of Warragamba Dam is filled to the brim with Halal water.

In this case the page admin suddenly had a psychotic episode brain storm. Something to do with advertising in the Strine.


So every widow’s mite these clowns manage to collect will be forwarded to their idols Bolt and/or Bernardi. Sure beats putting it under the bed with the collection of tin foil hats and terrorist fridge magnets.


Well, share with some of the usual suspects


Bogots? Zzzzzzzz