Debbie Stavro – “homosexuals who are feral with their sexual activities”

You do of course remember Victoria Police groupie and podium bigot Debbie Stavro.

This week in Victoria the focus is on the International AIDS Conference which brings together scientists and activists from all over the world who are on the front line of fighting this devastating disease.

However oblivious to this and having cleansed Victoria of “efnic crime” Debbie has now cast her gaze towards “teh_geis” as she demonstrates in the following conversation with a couple of Facebook posters:




Then Debbie decides that one of the posters should be chewed over on the basis that he might or might not be an “efnic” not approved of by Debbie.


Well actually Debbie he’s a Pastafarian from Gallifrey who will zap you in an instant with his noodly appendage.

Be afraid!

Do us all a favour Debbie. Catch up with the 21st Century.

Like Victoria Police and its Commissioner have done. Ken Lay is down there at the front of the police contingent in the annual Pride March held in February each year

 Protecting LGBTI people from homophobic bigots like Debbie

Facebook bogots “helping” police with their inquiries

From the Victoria Police Facebook page


It is obvious the police wish to apprehend and charge this person with an unspecified offence and are requesting the assistance of the public in reporting his whereabouts.

However this does not stop the usual suspects from posting bogot drivel.




 More criminology from the Bogot Brigade followed this post






On a related post we were invited to share the brain farts of two fakies



Yep how did you know?

Maybe he was born in Australia like the vast majority of offenders in Australia.

Self-appointed adviser to the Victoria Police on ‘ Efnic Affairs” Debbie Stavro holds forth on a recent arrest




vicpol13Soulmates “Gypsy Moon” and Debbie then snuggle up to pass judgement on a suspect based entirely on a facial composite reconstruction.

Way to go girls!



And as they display their hatred for all to see wonder if the self-righteous bigot drongos commentating on the page have considered that prejudicial media commentary can jeopardise successful prosecutions of offenders