The Manchurian Brisbanian Candidate

Angry Goblin

Raymond Shaw Walter Mitty Darren Beatle Bailey-Morris is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

Or so he thinks.

Darren loves men

Yes he does. In a mannish sort of way of course. None of that preverty stuff with Goblin. Goblin wants to preserve his precious bodily fluids. He’s a man’s man and never gets sick of telling everyone ad nauseam.

At least he loves sending them messages on Facebook then blocking them so they cannot tell him what a dickhead he is. Like this unfortunate guy for example.

Message 1

Message 2

Goblin message 3

But Goblin couldn’t resist. Seems like he couldn’t wait to meet his quarry and bring his sister along as chaperone – just so there wouldn’t be any funny business. Goblin is like that with funny business.

Goblin in love

Darren loves women

He is so concerned that one of his targets needs some action that he offers to introduce her to some men in the ADL with whom he seems to be on intimate terms.

Goblin wants to meet

Darren loves Straya

He loves Straya so much he has managed to imagine an alternative universe into existence where he served in the SASR some time in the early to mid 80s, when Australia was not actually engaged in major hostilities.

So not only has General Goblin imagined a warrior role for himself but he has also imagined a conflict which never took place.

Stephen Hawking would like to talk to you Gobs. Err…no he wouldn’t…

Goblin SAS1

Goblin SAS2

Goblin service

Darren also loves new technology

He is an early adapter and uses his freshly honed Twitter skills to contact his target to discuss his media appearances.

Get over it Gobbles. No such thing as bad publicity.

Goblin wants to sue

But notwithstanding all the above we hate to discourage the lad. After all it is rare to find such batshit craziness fervent patriotism coupled with such willingness to use social media to stalk and threaten pursue positive social relationships.

So we repeat the mantra

Raymond Shaw Walter Mitty Darren Beatle Bailey-Morris is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”

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A Man For No Seasons

It is not often we approach a subject with a mixture of déjà vu coupled with prescience, but when we are dealing with the Goblin Warrior anything is possible.

Darren Bailey-Morris

At various times, Goblin has declared the following

1. He is an SASR veteran. He supposedly served between 1982 and 1985. We are not sure in which theatre because at the time Australia was not at war. Nor were there any other substantial ops taking place which would require the presence of the SAS.

2. He is “a businessman”. One assumes/hopes he is of the legit variety. Please tell us where this business is so we may boycott it.



And the gift just keeps on giving…

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