‘Burqa Bandits’ Weren’t Even Wearing Burqas! LOL

How many burqa bank robberies have there been in Australia? None.

How many people have been arrested for going into toilets and changerooms and sitting there, perving? None.

How many people have committed a crime in Australia whilst wearing a burqa? Just the one – Carnita Matthews. She falsely accused a police officer of being racist. Could this crime have been committed by a person NOT wearing a burqa? Yes. What do you think Carnita’s punishment for this heat-of-the-moment brain explosion? SIX MONTHS IMPRISONMENT. The judge wanted to ‘send a message to the ‘community”. What was that message do you think? And which community was he referring to? The burqa wearing community of Australia? The community that currently has ZERO crimes to its name?


Racists LOVE denying that they’re racists because attacking Muslims is not racist because Islam is a crime.

Bogan no.1: I hate Muslims.
Antibogan: You’re racist.
Bogan no.1: It’s not racist because Islam isn’t a race, it’s a religion.
Bogan no.2: Fuck off back to your own shitty third world country you greasy beak-nosed dune coon sand nigger terrorist scum.
Bogan no.1: Yeah fuck off back to your own country Muslims.

And bogans love talking about this burqa-banning issue as a matter of high importance as though burqa-clad Muslim women are some kind of security threat. (How many bombs have been discovered or have been blown up in Australia? I’ll tell you. None). And all these people can do is quote random burqa-related crimes from other countries, like they are somehow commonplace. The number of burqa-related crimes can be counted on one hand. Even the most savvy of bogan-Google-detectives will eventually confirm this. But take a look at the Youtube clip above. It was provided by Linda Thoms:

And here’s her link, screenshotted:

But WAIT A MINUTE! The criminals aren’t even wearing burqas! They are wearing flowery Sunday School church dresses with handmade hoodies over their heads! How would these douchebags double as burqa wearing Muslim women? And the ironic point, once again, is that they were already committing the crime. Their so-called burqas didn’t help them any more than a clown outfit would, or a beekeeper uniform, or a deep-sea diving suit, or a jumpsuit with a balaclava.

But sure, let’s ban the burqa, because as soon as it has been banned, this plethora of burqa-related crime will cease. Oh wait… Marijuana is banned, but people still smoke it. Handguns are banned, but people still get shot. Rape has been banned, but people still do it. If we ban the burqa to end burqa-related crime (remember, not even more than a handful of instances in the Western world), will criminals stop and re-think whether or not they’ll wear one when they rob the jewelry store? Nope.

Here is Linda Thoms again:

Suuuure Linda. Your Muslim neighbour’s friend. As if you have a Muslim neighbour. And as if you would ever try getting into a conversation long enough with them for them to tell you about their friend’s boat that has ‘Jew Hunter’ painted onto it. You’ve got to watch those luxury yachts – always hunting Jews and other kinds of people down…

These racists have no leg to stand on, yet constantly think they’re in the majority and that when they laugh, the world laughs with them.

Take a look at Daniel. The few random burqa-related crime examples that have been provided by the bogans themselves have been committed by men, yet Daniel thinks it is ‘sexit’ to point this out. Not only that, but the BTB character below thinks that makes people who oppose draconian clothing bans based on pretense ‘hypocrites’!


And then there’s Fiona. People like Fiona are the types who are drumming up this consistent negative attention for women who wear the burqa, yet call these Muslims ‘hypocrites… GUILTY of DISCRIMINATION’ when they defend their practice as being more moral than those who strut around in skimpy G-strings. Fiona, sexual attraction is decreased when a woman wears a burqa, and that’s why Muslim women call it modesty. Negative attention is created and increased by people like you who turn their freedom of choice on its arse by supporting people who suggest that Muslim women only wear burqas to hide bombs and guns.