The Australian Protectionist Pathetics Election Results:

For those interested how the loony leprechaun party went, they achieved 840 primary senate votes, and were ‘gifted’ preferences which allowed them to claim a 1200 vote total (1198 to be exact).

What this means is, their entire facebook membership quota (833), and 7 other individuals (most likely family members who don’t… have facebook accounts) voted for them.

What this means, is that they had nil electorate support outside of their own internal workings. Somehow Hodges sees this as some kind of good result. True, it is a good result if you feel happy that it appears your groups membership had all voted for you.

Oddly enough, this figure (inclusive of the surprise preferences) brings their vote total to dead on what we expected their maximum capacity would be.

But why did the electorate ignore this pair of trendsetters? Let’s take a look at his preference justification:

On the other hand, The Communist Alliance thumped them with 5236 votes, While Australia first are probably laughing down their noses at the LWC’s result with their 7316. All post preferences.

Both of which were convincingly thrashed by the ‘Socialist Alliance Party’ at 24,261.

To give you an idea of how remotely insignificant their ‘good result considering’ was, the ‘Family First Party’ gained 207,445 after preferences and didn’t gain a seat, rather actually lost one.

The fact that the APP candidates gained nil acceptance in the electorate outside of their ‘club’ is an indication of how little impact they have on the current political sphere.

A good point raised by Chris. And despite their denial of being complete no-hopers, and their deafening silence over at their ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ group, theantibogan authors managed to stumble across the remnants of their election party, where they couldn’t even attract more than 2 guests.

It’s hard to understand why these racist bogans still hold onto the idea that they’re representing the feelings of the majority of Australians. And with disrespectful campaign flyers like the one below, it’s easy for the rest of us to realise why they’re such epic failures.

* Post election results/comments provided by Scott Kernaghan