Col Hinton Incites Assassination of Prime Minister of Australia

Remember this guy?

Well he’s at it again. In this latest issue, see Col Hinton:

* Inciting an assassination on the Prime Minister;

* Showing off his gun and shitty car;

* Letting his kid play with firearms;

* Leaving a foul taste in the mouths of South East Asian women.

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Col Hinton to KFC: “If you want to mnake(sic) things gooder (sic), you can sack your bloody halal bullshit”

Meet Col Hinton, food critic, wannabe entertainer and social commentator. Not satisfied with mumbling, moaning and muttering in a huddle with his Facebook mates, Col chests up to the big boys themselves – in this case the KFC Facebook page and its unfortunate unnamed admin.

Col Hinton KFC

Col is very angry and like angry bogots everywhere likes to find scapegoats. In Col’s world teachers are not allowed to strike for better pay and conditions (presumably unlike the bogots themselves), and he has a possible solution which he decided to share with the Ten News Facebook page.

Col Hinton Ten News

We know Col has a balanced diet – his favourite food group features on his Facebook profile pic. In fact it could go a long way to explaining his anger. But Col also likes chicken as long as it is not halal.

Col Hinton KFC2

We don’t know about banning halal blankets, but Col also likes to hang out with hags wearing dirty bedsheets.

Col Hinton B & B

As we will see, Col has diverse xenophobic interests, as shown by his decision  to tell  Network Ten what they should do about representation of minorities in local productions.

Col Hinton The Project

Col’s not shy about posting his pic online so we thought we’d give talent scouts a chance to see whether they wanted to sign him up for their next series of Australia’s Got Bigots.

Col Hinton

Oh and if you want to book Col for your next Klan rally teacher’s strike party he’s available. He lives around Coutts Crossing, and presumably plays the banjo as well.

Col Hinton bio