Urgent Feedback Needed – ‘Other Cultures’ Have Now Banned Easter in Australia

Retweet and share this. Easter banned by ‘other cultures’? Not on my watch. Thank you Logan Region Weather Watch for alerting me to this underhanded breach of my rights. I bet the same ‘cultures’ who got Easter banned also took my jerb.

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Home viewer question: Are you a bogan who likes to make shit up? Please comment below and name the schools that have banned Christmas or Easter. These schools deserve to be named and shamed. Please ensure your facts are correct first though, as any schools named may take offence to you incorrectly attempting to shame them.

The Easter the bogots say is not celebrated - being celebrated in Australia.

The Easter the bogots say is not celebrated – being celebrated in Australia.

Christmas Carols are now ‘Anti-Aussie’ Complains Bogan

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Apparently Christmas Carols have been banned and now the only carols that can be sung are ‘anti aussie [sic]’.


Oh wait – here’s a photo of Sandy’s daughter enjoying singing Christmas Carols with her school friends.

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Aussie Pride, Christmas Shame

Thought it was only them Muzzies who hated and wanted to change Christmas.

Oh joy. There’s your Christmas present.


Centrelink supported Simon hates refugees because they apparently use up precious tax dollars and want us to change Christmas.

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low stress, non-addictive, gender neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday (northern hemisphere), practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasions and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all.

Merry Christmas to the rest of you folk!


TAB’s Christmas Eid al-Adha Diwali Hannukah Special Festive Edition

Every year at this time, and quite often throughout the year, we see and hear the continual bogot lament about Christmas.

According to them, Christmas has been somehow banned in our public schools and by local Councils, people are not “allowed” to wish each other Merry Christmas, Muslims want Christmas banned etc etc ad nauseam

Some time back TAB posted the burblings of a fake nonentity calling itself “Awol Partydrunk”, who had sent a message to a young Muslim woman. We believe “Awol” has thankfully disappeared from Facebook, presumably up his own arse.

We are waiting for the bogotariat to present us with ANY proof that Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, Santas or any other festive paraphenalia has been banned from anywhere in Australia. However, proof and evidence are dirty words in the bogotverse, and they love posting misleading emotive rubbish like this to fire up the rabble.

Merry Christmas

In fact if we were one of the US soldiers pictured we’d be insulted to think that picture was being misused by the very racist and bigoted ratbags who are the real enemies of a free society.

Auburn NSW has a Muslim population of about 16% of a total population of 79,000. The local Mayor is a Muslim, as are many of the Councillors. According to bogot mythology there should be strong resistance to, if not an outright ban, on Christmas celebrations.

Not so.

Christmas decorations in Auburn

Christmas decorations in Auburn

Christmas tree Auburn

Christmas tree Auburn

And you want to know where the sole instance of Christmas decorations being “banned” that we came across originates from?

one small town in Israel

And it is certainly not a universal practice in Israel.

Christmas tree in Jerusalem

And according to a Jewish writer, a rabbi,  this is what happens in London

We’ll let Jon Stewart have the last word.



A happy festive season to all our fans and friends of all faiths and none. Bah humbug to our enemies

Christians Wanna Ban Christmas in Schools

Good onya Anthea, thanks for the lolz.

P.S – the next time you feel like posting your stupidity to the entire world, please ensure that you’ve got some fucking facts to back up your shit. Christmas isn’t even close to being banned in Australian schools – not by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus or even Scientologists.

Happy Census Day – 9th August 2011! Please Don’t Be Muslim.

Anna Gail = fail. Why?

1. There aren’t 1,000,000 Muslims in Australia. There are around 350,000. And a sizeable chunk of those Australian Muslims aren’t old enough to complete a census form.

2. In 2001, 0.4% of Australians (over 70,000) marked their religion as Jedi. The Government didn’t suddenly begin subsidising light sabres for us all.

3. In a secular society, people can choose whether or not they participate in traditional events like Easter and Christmas. Despite their apparent religious connection, they remain largely non-religious events; Easter Bunny + chocolate + Santa + presents = culturally traditional public holiday events based on commercialism. People of all religious and non-religious backgrounds celebrate Easter and Christmas every year, including Muslims, and to date there are no recorded instances of any shopping centres or schools cancelling Easter/Christmas celebrations or imposing bans on those who choose to celebrate them.

4. Muslims highly regard Jesus as one of the most highly recognised prophets in the Koran. It’s not unnatural for them to want to celebrate his birthday.

For more reading on the supposed eroding of Christmas and Easter through bans, read here:
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