BREAKING NEWS: Australian Defence League to Sue Facebook *LOL*

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Frustrated pests/Islamaphobes/keyboard warriors/drunken yobbos The Australian Defence League are (get ready for it) suing Facebook, apparently utilising the services of Slater & Gordon lawyers.

Under the leadership Facebook administration of John Abberton and Ralph Cerminara, the group is outraged that they’ve had to *gasp* cop short bans from Facebook for being racist fucktards.

The ADL are currently asking for donations from ‘members’ to fund the legal challenge despite not being able to identify any financial shortfall or social limitations from the Facebook bans. Whether or not these donations will need to be refunded in the same way that donations needed to be refunded to shmucks ‘members’ who actually forked out money for the hiring of a venue in Melbourne for a ‘meeting’ that attracted less than 5 RSVPs and had to consequently be cancelled is unclear at this stage.

The ADL has a long history of failures (scroll to the bottom to revisit some of the lowlights) and at the end of the day, only one fact remains: despite having a catch-cry of ‘NFSE’ (No Fucking Surrender Ever) and despite consistently referring to themselves as soldiers, all this pack of cockalora have ever achieved is owning a few bristling yet largely irrelevant and unpopulated Facebook groups and spending over five years trying to organise some shitty merchandise that’s still ‘in the pipeline’. We’d say that organising rallies and protest marches are also among their achievements but  when your membership is less than 0.0077% of the Australian population and of that pissweak circle-jerk club only 0.75% actually turn up to said rallies/protest marches, ‘achievement’ doesn’t quite fit the description.

When right-wing political parties can’t even attract 1% of the Australian public’s interest in a federal election, ‘organisations’ like the Australian Defence League (who can’t attract the necessary membership to even FORM political parties) are simply deluded ditch pigs, desperately upset with the state of their own mundane lives enough to try to blame others.

The ADL keep telling us all to ‘wake up’ and fear Islam, just as they do. Rise and shine indeed.

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Note: ‘no legal reason’. *Chokes on cereal*

Um, Facebook owns you and your pissy pages, you wilted herbs. You sign up under their terms and conditions and when you’re banned, you take it on the chin. If you want to refer to the banning of ‘freedom of expression/speech’, you only need to look so far as your own mission statement for a prime example of a group trying to limit the freedoms of another group.

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Note: this comment from mouth-breather Kim Williams is not racist as she is attacking Islam. Please ignore the fact that she repeatedly references ‘our country’ and how Muslims come from ‘other countries’.

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As promised, here are some previous examples of how the Australian Defence League are nothing more than miserable failures dwelling on the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe of society: